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Just like brushing loose impediments off the green with your hand, it's intent based.  If you're obviously rubbing to test the grain of the green, it's a penalty.  If you're obviously just removing the junk on the green or the ball, no penalty. 
You did fine.  Your ball was not in a hazard.  You can take up to 2 club lengths relief.  If your ball is in a hazard, you may not deem it unplayable and you may not touch loose impediments.  The grass would only be loose impediments if it was detached.  Of course, in  a hazard or not, you may not improve your lie by moving or chopping away the grass.
Hey, sorry.  I didn't take offense and didn't mean to cause any.  I was pulling your chain a little-guess I should have thrown in a smiley.
Playing a provisional ball is optional.Playing a provisional ball up to the point where your ball is likely to be is optional.Playing a provisional ball out of junk is optional.  (The player may have figured that he lies 4 in deep grass and will lose the hole anyway unless he finds the original.) I'm guessing that you lost the hole and are grasping at straws to find a way to change the result.
 What's your point?  I would deny shooting 90 too!  ;-)Do whatever you want as long as you're only playing against yourself.If we have a match, we need to play by the same rules.  I assume that we're playing by THE rules, unless agreed upon ahead of time.On the other hand, if I'm a 5 playing by THE rules and you're a 10 taking liberties everywhere, I'm probably happy to play you with your vanity handicap.
You don't need to remove the mark.  Once you replace the ball, if it's at rest-it's in play.
A lot of people are confused because the PGA tour plays with this local rule during stroke play tournaments.. They watch tv and never see the players putt again after a miss, but they see it during match play on TV, so they think that's the rule.
Thanks.  Been a busy summer!
FWIW, last year I was officiating at a high state level tournament when a deer pranced on the green as a group was making their approach shots. I declared the damage GUR and enlisted the help of next two groups to help repair the damage.  I gave GUR relief where full repair was impractical. IMO, significant damage to a green by a player in a previous group should be handled the same way.  
New Posts  All Forums: