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Touching the ground with a club while the club is in your hand is grounding.  If you toss it in the hazard, that's not grounding as long as it's not in your hand when it touches the ground.
Without a local rule, that ball was in bounds.   However, when I wrote our local rules I added a statement that said if a ball crosses the road and ends up on the other side, it is out of bounds.   That's pretty typical.
The NPR is the point where the ball lies nearest to the original point when you take full relief for your lie, stance, and swing.So if the ball is in the middle of the path, the NPR is always to the left if you are right handed.If the ball is on the right of the path, the NPR will always be on the right.If there is a hedge, tree, big drop off, rocks, you name it, at the Nearest Point of Relief, it still is the NPR.  You can't pick the nearest point where you would rather...
Yes, it's possible to have a drop zone to be used when your ball is in the hazard.  You drop there instead of behind the hazard hitting 3.   However, it is not a legal drop zone if it does not force you to cross at least part of the hazard:   33-8/2 Local Rule Allows Drop on Green Side of Water Hazard When Ball Fails to Clear Hazard Q.The design of a hole is such that a player must hit the ball about 100 yards in order to carry a water hazard. A Local Rule has been...
Just tell the club ahead of time that you're going out to practice and aren't playing a round by the rules.  They can't force you to post if you don't have a score.  
Most of my partners and fellow competitors are animals.
Just like brushing loose impediments off the green with your hand, it's intent based.  If you're obviously rubbing to test the grain of the green, it's a penalty.  If you're obviously just removing the junk on the green or the ball, no penalty. 
You did fine.  Your ball was not in a hazard.  You can take up to 2 club lengths relief.  If your ball is in a hazard, you may not deem it unplayable and you may not touch loose impediments.  The grass would only be loose impediments if it was detached.  Of course, in  a hazard or not, you may not improve your lie by moving or chopping away the grass.
Hey, sorry.  I didn't take offense and didn't mean to cause any.  I was pulling your chain a little-guess I should have thrown in a smiley.
Playing a provisional ball is optional.Playing a provisional ball up to the point where your ball is likely to be is optional.Playing a provisional ball out of junk is optional.  (The player may have figured that he lies 4 in deep grass and will lose the hole anyway unless he finds the original.) I'm guessing that you lost the hole and are grasping at straws to find a way to change the result.
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