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Okay so here is the deal.. I have a very fast swing (dont ask how fast I dont know the exact speed but Ive been told by the pro at our club it was fast so Ill take his word for it... or lets just pretend I have a fast one...) and a short swing so basically I never do a full swing; it looks more like an old person swing..   Im not a 70s player more like high 80s or 90s   Would graphite shaft be a good option for me or should I stick with steel since Ill get more control...
Just to be clear and VERY simply said   Big bounce would be for fluffy sand or rough and no bounce harder surface like a fairway?
Thanks!   I havent tried that many putters to say whether or not I really like mine!
ahha thanks for that answer but it doenst quite answer my question as to whether or not weight in a putter can affect my distance
I seem to always put short... the line is often good but I seem to find myself always putting short.   I have a Ping G5i. Would a heavier or lighter putter help me? Shorter or Longer shaft?   Or simply hit the greens and practice more often :P??   Thanks!!
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