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Chicken in white wine sauce with a whole head of garlic
+8 through 10. Played by myself and without worry of score. I was trying to work on my swing on the course and got some video for review. Swing changes creeping in very slowly which is nice. Hitting some really nice shots and almost missing the ball on others. Suppose that's golf
'm sure I've seen it before somewhere on the site but I'd be really interested to see a graph showing correlation between average GIR and average score.
6420yrds 70/122 Shot a 43 (+7) on the back nine. Pretty pleased with the round but was +4 on the last tee...
I like to play on the course with no thought other than seeing the shot I want to hit. I trust that the practice at home and on the range will slowly creep into my game that I take to the course as my song changes become more and more permanent. I will however make very deliberate practice swings on the course much like the slow swings I make during practice to really feel what I'm currently working on. But one I set up to the ball I just swing
If it were me I would take the mizunos, they are a really nice set of irons. I would stay away from the rbz irons as I know people from this site have had minor issues with them but I hear the newer jet speed items are very good however. I will also add however that the x-12s might serve you very well for the time being and the money saved could be put towards some good instruction. Best wishes anyway
8 is my best but sadly the round was one of my worst. Came away with a 94...
9 holes today, shot a 43(+7). Putted and chipped like a god. 100% U&D on the holes where i was near the green in regulation. Ballstriking distinctly average.   [[SPOILER]]
Played 9 holes this evening, the weather was gorgeous which was just as well because i got stuck behind a bunch of 4 balls so was waiting around a lot. Put the time into pitching practice though so all is well.   [[SPOILER]]  For the first time in a few months my good shots were little cuts so clearly my swing path is getting less out to the right which was my main evolvr piece. Nice to see things changing but as to be expected so very wild misses cost me on the 3 bad...
I've never seen a single person filming their swing but I do it every time. Although at my range it's hard because the stalls come to chest height and have only a metre space behind... hence I prefer to practice in my garden hitting into blanket hung over goal posts
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