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Awesome picture, i think it just shows how much we love this game 
Yesterdays workout:   Pullups 3 sets Deadlifts 4x5 T bar rows 3x10 Lat pulldown 3x10 One arm DB rows 3x8 Preacher curls 3x10 One arm cable curls 3x8 1x4negatives
That i believe is commonly known as a 'kettle bell swing' and works the entire core and posterior chain in the way he is doing it (so abs and lumbar erectors, hamstrings and glutes). His form is good, notice he maintains his proper lower back curvature throughout the motion and keeps his neck in a neutral alignment plus a good degree of thoracic extension. He is doing the exercises safely.
Today's workout:   Bench press 2x10 1x3 1x8 Incline DB press 3x10 Cable chest press 3x10 Dips 3x12 overhead DB tricep extension 3x10 cable pushdowns (with rope) 3xfailure
For sure! That is one heavy shaft  
You could always try for a set of the previous model AP2?
All those exercises from @mvmac are very good and will help. But if the pain/stiffness is from using a computer all day then you really need to make sure your workstation is as ergonomic as possible and properly adjusted to you.   I had the problem that i was working 12hours a day on my laptop which was killing my neck big time. Two months ago i invested in a laptop stand to move the top of the screen to the right height and bought a USB keyboard and mouse to use. Neck...
Shoulders+core today:   Push press 3x6 Seated DB overhead press 3x8 Face pulls 3x12 Cable rear delt raises(pulls) 3x12 BB Shrugs 3x10 Gym ball supported russian twists 3x1min Machine oblique crunches 3x10 Plank 3x to failure Machine crunches 4x12   Was really hot in the gym today so sweaty work but a good workout. For once the music in the gym was suitable enough that i didn't have to use my earphones 
Back day yesterday:   reverse close grip lat pulldowns 4x10 bent over rows 4x 10-7 one arm rows 3x12 (accidently went too light on these, wanted 3x8ish) seated cable row (with v bar) 4x10 barbell bicep curls drop setted in 5kg drops until failure at each weight one arm cable curls 3x5 negatives (these hurt like)
 I might be going out on a limb saying this but with this in mind i honestly think that if I had the long game of Rory, Tiger, DJ or really any top 20 PGA tour player but my putting ability i would like to think i could keep my tour card. A better way of thinking about the claim would be if i had to putt for DJ every round for a year on the tour (with him playing tee to green) i think that between us we would keep our tour card but would never win or feature in  the top...
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