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Agree 100% with EJ. The instruction with evolvr is the better than every single instructor I've had in person lesson with any A LOT cheaper. 30 mins with a local pro may set you back $70 so I would say you owe it to yourself to give evolvr a shot for 2 months and see how you get on. 
I shall remember the name for when I'm next looking for lessons, thank you!
Pull ups 3x8 Bent over rows 3x10 Weighted chin ups 3x8 T-bar rows 4x12 lat pull downs 3x12 seated bicep curls 3x12 hammer curls 3x12
@Mr. Desmond's video is exactly the one I was about to post after I read the OP. Despite being a bit of a long video to watch it is very informative. It's not a shot I play on the course yet though for two reasons: I don't practice enough short game to have the confidence in the shot nor do I have any feel for distance with it I often am not playing a urethane covered ball than will check up as I'd want. I am guilty of just playing whatever balls I find  
Now that is cool. But it looks like an easy maze to get through 
Bench press 3x10 (first time going really heavy but for a lot of sets like this. Really enjoyed mixing things with this, got the idea from a powerlifter friend) Incline DB press 4x10 Cable flys 4x12 Dips machine 8set drop set Overhead tricep extension with DB 4x10 Cable pushdowns 3x12
Welcome! I will echo @David in FL in that that's some impressive speed with the relatively short club. Have you tried hitting a driver recently? I suspect that if you are swinging better than ever you might have success with the driver of you try it out again
@jballard388 , If your ball speed was correct at 170mph then you could maybe squeeze you 10 more yards with optimal launch numbers but for a 155-165mph ball speed then that would be a good carry distance.   A good tool to play around with is flightscope optimizer, it lets you plug in some launch numbers and see what happens!    http://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/
Yesterday's results where pretty crazy! Fingers crossed Liverpool can take 3 points this afternoon to capitalise on Man city slipping up against stoke
I recommend you heed this advice @webb1522 . This game is hard but it is a lot of fun! I would say as someone new to the game forget about birdies! Play with the mindset of bogey is good, par is a bonus but try to keep anything more than double bogeys off the card.   One of my favourite sayings I've heard is simply, "Par is good, just make pars"... I think it came from Mark Crossfield actually 
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