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Nice work Eyad! Sounds like you're making good progress on your pieces.
17 over in my first competition round as a member at my new course. Pretty pleased with the round, ball striking was much better than earlier in the week but short game left me today and i made a lot of silly double bogeys from nGIRs 
Best shot this week was a third shot into a par 5 with a 3w from 225yrds. The Hole is short, less than 500yrds, but dogleg right about 60 degrees so plays longer. My drive was well struck but pulled into the tee line in the left. My ball came to rest a foot from a tree so had to punch a 4 iron back to the fairway as far up as possible. Executed the shot well, ran about 90yrds and caught the opposite edge of the fairway. I had 225yrds left playing into a stiff breeze. I...
@Draftstone I am sure you'll continue to make good progress. I inferred from your post you are new or newish to the game. If that's the case you're in good company here at TST. There is plenty of good information that'll help you play better golf, enjoy
I'm taking typical to be roughly the median of people playing the game. Meaning, better than occasional players and hackers but worse than the large majority of club golfers.I see this theoretical person as playing a little bit worse than bogey golf most days but breaking 90 every now and again. Definitely hitting less than 5 GIR and will hit a couple of tops and chunks every round.Do others agree with my perception of typical? I think we will all agree though that us...
I played a half set for a year or two as a junior. It was perfect because back then carrying a full set was too heavy, plus the distance gap between a 4/5 iron or even a 6/7 would have only been a few yards due to the low swing speeds. Once your SS with a driver gets much below 90 the distances with the irons really bunch up, making a half set ideal. A lot of the women golfers at my club play with half sets, usually: SW,PW,8,6, 5h, 5w, driver, putter and find that leaves...
@saevel25, really interesting reading through your thought process. I think that it you really aimed, played and did what you said then your game plan was good and definitely in keeping with LSW.   I guess, as you said, some days your swing doesn't show up and it's a losing battle trying to hit greens and score well. 
That does look awesome! Do you find it harder to find your ball when it's dark though?
I could not imagine a stranger feeling than being on the golf course at midnight! I'm assuming it is floodlit? 
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