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Leg day today:   Back squats 5x6 Leg press 4x10 Romanian deadlifts 3x10 Seated calf raise 4x15
 Yep, i would agree that the back swing is much shorter than i thought. Before getting on video i always felt that my backswing and follow through were roughly the same length but definitely not the case. Feel is most definitely not feel! But I'm not 100% sure if i was subconsciously holding back or something because i was inside. As long as the setup is ok then i'll get practising with some drills when i'm back home next week and then get some video from both angles on a...
Very cool! I love the way it looks like it goes dead straight, just an absolute bullet of a shot
Redone the video so you can see the ball.
Putting stroke finally on video!!   I haven't hit a single ball in the past 6 weeks due to uni commitments and a lack of car ownership. Been doing a bit of mirror work here and there but it's been hard to keep it going when i know i can't play. I've been working hard in the gym though and am getting stronger which can only help my golf once i get back out there.   I have however finally after 4 weeks with no internet (hence no posts on TST) got my putting stroke on...
Shoulder workout today:   (Only had a spare 30mins so i really cut down rest times and didn't do any core which i usually throw in with shoulders)   Push press 3x6 DB shoulder press 3x12 Face pulls 3x12 Lateral raises 3x12 BB Shrugs 3x10   update on my goals: now at 66.6kg, up from 64kg a month or so ago. Strength going up big time too, max deadlift up 10kg in that time 
Awesome picture, i think it just shows how much we love this game 
Yesterdays workout:   Pullups 3 sets Deadlifts 4x5 T bar rows 3x10 Lat pulldown 3x10 One arm DB rows 3x8 Preacher curls 3x10 One arm cable curls 3x8 1x4negatives
That i believe is commonly known as a 'kettle bell swing' and works the entire core and posterior chain in the way he is doing it (so abs and lumbar erectors, hamstrings and glutes). His form is good, notice he maintains his proper lower back curvature throughout the motion and keeps his neck in a neutral alignment plus a good degree of thoracic extension. He is doing the exercises safely.
Today's workout:   Bench press 2x10 1x3 1x8 Incline DB press 3x10 Cable chest press 3x10 Dips 3x12 overhead DB tricep extension 3x10 cable pushdowns (with rope) 3xfailure
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