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I tried out the RBZ's and was thrown off at how heavy they were/felt. Still like the X Hot and the Burner 2.0 better. There was a used X Hot at a local store for $110. If that's still available, I'll get that. If not, I'm gonna go with the TaylorMade Burner 2.0. Thanks, everyone. You guys have been super helpful!
I'll try out the RBZ's today. Thanks for the suggestion. When I was in the market for a set of irons, I liked the Burner 2.0 much better than the Rocketballz so I think I kind of discounted the RBZ line unfairly.   Jeremie, thanks for the clarification.
Thanks everyone. So what I'm hearing is go with the TM?
Ever since I started playing again, I've been playing almost exclusively at a local par 3 course. I now want to branch out. Recently, I started trying out some drivers at different shops and I realized that I liked hitting these newer drivers more than my old 3W. Been looking exclusively at used clubs or older models. Not interested in paying too much since I'm still getting used to playing again. Here's what I have it narrowed down to.   TaylorMade Burner 2.0 10.5 - Hit...
I played with it once. It's fine but after every hole, I kept on trying to remember when my last tetanus shot was - Yes, the rust is that bad! Anyways, went and got some steel wool without soap in it. Thanks, everyone!
I know what a patina is. This is rust. It's mostly on the shaft and a couple of spots on the face itself.
I started playing again after a 20 year hiatus. I've been slowly putting together a set of clubs. My dad gave me an old Ping Anser 2 putter that has been sitting in our basement for decades. I brought it to a shop and asked what I could do to get it to a presentable state. I got it regripped and was told to use steel wool to get the rust out. Asked my fiancée to pick up some steel wool for me but she came back with scotch brite steel wool soap pads. Can I still use these...
New Posts  All Forums: