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 I agree as well, I'm usually playing with my brothers and we all seem to play pretty quickly, and if one of  is playing slow we just tell em to hurry it up
He has talent, but if it were any other player with the autograph situation they more than likely be out for half the season. And the media is not helping hyping him up
haha saw this yesterday, this kid is a tool
Reallllllllllllllllllly slow players. My brother and I skipped 3 holes yesterday because the group 2 ahead of us were playing so slow. Every shot they would sit there and stare at their bag like it would tell them what to it and took forever on the green.   Other than that, people who don't say fore   and when i slice my drive, hate that.
went out the last 2 days   Wednesday - Got in 12 holes, shot 57 (had 5 pars though, felt good) Thursday - Got in 10 holes, shot 51   started slicing my driver in the later holes yesterday and didn't help with the wind out there.
wow that looks like a great course!
love the photos everyone, i snapped some down at myrtle beach this summer     My brother at NO 9 at The Wizard       NO 17 TPC Myrtle Beach
Hey everyone! Name is Andrew, from Hamilton, NJ. Been playing since I was around 12, 24 now. Still not that good lol but I can't help going back out there. Usually play Mercer County and surrounding areas and my family makes a myrtle beach trip every year and my brothers and my father and I hit some of the best courses I've played.   Always to suggestions on courses to play and trying to improve my game
New Posts  All Forums: