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The thing is that I have a carry-bag and does not use  cart and think it's convenient to be able to have water accessible. The risk increases for leaks if you have it in any of the pockets. 
I wonder one thing about bags that I've noticed on newer bags. Why do they have no place for a bottle? Where do you have our bottle in the bag? 
How do you do it? Do you take headphones behind your back? How do you make so they do not disturb you when to swing? I really want to know how you do that :)
You mean that there should be a separate iPod, MP3 player, etc. for the that purpose?
I checked them and they seem very good. However, the price tag is a little too high for me and was wondering if there are options for a lower price? Then maybe they are my prejudices but like bluetooth guzzle battery power.
Hi Everyone!,   I wonder if there are some of you listen to music, audio books etc when you are working in the golf? I find myself on being able to hear the sound out of the hit because they give the response how to hit the ball. I think the times when you practice putting or chipping so I sometimes miss having something to listen to. What encourages you to headphones for the context? They're not supposed to destroy the swing.   What I first think of is the bluetooth...
 I guess is very sensitive to flaws in all my gadgets that they would influence the coming shots. I guess is very sensitive to flaws in all my gadgets and just not golf clubs. This club, I've received so it haven't cost my any money.I like to take care of my things, whether they are expensive, cheap or something that I have received as a gift.I have never used or seen anyone with such a club in a bunker. I usually use a sandwegde. Like I quoted to WUTiger: I guess is very...
Very sad that the sleek blue and black surface will not be as nice. One gets the impression that they will affect the next shots. In the example of my irons, they are the gray so that I do not see scratches in the same way. Don't believe the balls that I hit with has not been anything like that. There was a driving range so think they've only been used where they stood pratice on all balls.
Hi there, I went to a driving range to test my new club that I have received. It is a fairway wood. I guess clubs are made to use and they come flaws but should expect it after the first time?                   Is there anything to do? I am, I can point out very careful with my stuff but I want to stick must be in good visibility and give good results next year.Sure it's black so it appears lighter. It's any thing I can do?
This was new to me, but a club whether it be a wedge or driver so it should be able to hold more than 1,000 shots :S 
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