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Here are some numbers from another test   110 MPH Driver The Top 5 distance balls at this speed were as follows (the data in ( ) indicates the rank vs. all 63 balls tested) BallDistance (yards)Deviation (yards)Pinnacle Gold FX Long312.93 (1)5.67 (16)Taylor Made TP Black311.95 (2)12.40 (62)Callaway HX Pearl308.58 (3)12.36 (61)Srixon Z-URC307.57 (4)5.27 (10)Titleist Pro V1x307.54 (5)7.17 (33) The average ball at this speed traveled 300.52 yards. The shortest ball went...
1.) The driver distances were determined by using a robot swinging a Taylormade R7 Super Quad 10.5* driver with 45” regular flex Accra T50 M4 graphite shaft & 59* lie angle. Launch conditions were set at – 90 mph swing, 137 mph ball speed, 13.75* launch angle and 2,900 RPMs. DISTANCES ARE CARRY + ROLL (i.e. total distance) 2.) The spin rate of the balls were tested by a robot swinging a Titleist Vokey Spin Milled (Oil Can) 56* sand wedge, 35 ¼” True Temper Dynamic Gold...
This is from a golf magazine test in 2008, with a robot at 90mph swing speed.     Golf Balls by Distance : balls           . Ball Distance Spin Hardness (Shore D Durometer) . TP Black 259.1 12,062 56.6 . Noodle+ 259 7,789 NA . TP Red 258.6 11,872 NA . Titleist NXT...
My whole golfing life I always pulled the ball when putting.   Today I noticed I was swinging my putter with my left arm. My right arm wasn't  doing anything.   So I tried swinging my putter with just my right arm. Now all my puts go straight.   It was a simple change, but it took me  30 years to figure it out.
This balls checks up really well on the greens.
I have a slow swing speed, maybe 80mph   I have a x-hot 13.5 senior flex driver.   I hit it very straight but not very long.     I was thinking of getting a 48 inch shaft for more length.      Is this a good Idea? Whats a good brand?
If you hit any  putter correctly, it will go straight.   Then you just have to judge the break and the speed of  the put. And that doesn't have anything to do with your putter.
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