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While looking at the new Taylormade SLDR driver, my buddy and I had a great idea. There's a small white/silver strip that is on the back of  the driver, so why not have it light up when you hit the sweet spot? There could be interchangeable colors and all that. I think that they would sell super fast.   Good idea or no?
 The difference between Erin Hills and an outside company is like a family business to a chain. Erin Hills employs caddies on their own. This allows them to make their own rules, like being able to change out bags whenever they want or even have a drink on the course. I work for a caddie company that is contracted (right word for that?) for Whistling Straits. This is a chain business that supplies caddies for courses around the U.S. and with rules made by a headquarters or...
Does it even matter? Just admire them.
 No problem man. Make sure you get a cookie and granola bar from Whistling and Blackwolf courses. Homemade and incredible.
I think the two best are the Ricky Fowler one and "Sneeeedeker"
 With Blackwolf Run, be prepared for lightning fast greens with four breaks in each putt...not exaggerating. I highly, highly recommend taking a caddie or forecaddie as you will most likely be pretty lost without one. They both have a bunch of blind shots, the River has more, which can be daunting when you automatically assume there is a Dye pot bunker on the other side. As with the Whistling Straits courses, stay on the fairway or you're in trouble. Both the River and...
 I use either GolfLogix or FreeCaddie for Android. Both free and get the job done (for me at least).
I'm a sucker when I go to golf stores... Let's see, I got a pair of pants, a hat (that makes about 15 now), a putter grip and a glove last time. 
 You have to look good to play good   I agree with buying the gear on eBay. I've never bought a new club yet (excluding my $20 64 degree). I think that's something that new people should learn to do. Used clubs are half the price and most can be found in near mint condition.
Don't just look at the line of the ball, look at the entire green. Is there a definitive way that the green slopes?   Walk around the putt and kind of "snapshot" what the slope looks like from different angles.    Go to the opposite side of the ball and see if the break is the same on both sides.   I think that reading greens is easily the toughest part of any golf game. Just spend time on different greens and practice and you will get better.
New Posts  All Forums: