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Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to head out to golfsmith tomorrow and start demo-ing.
 this is true. I should go out and hit some instead of looking at them online.
I wish they didn't cost so much!  The problem is that I seem to hit brand new clubs really well... but is that because there's no pressure??? Funny how you can hit 300 yard drives down the middle of range but the fairway is too small to hit at the course.    I think I like blades when it's 6 iron and down, but from there up fat long irons are better for me. I just don't play enough golf these days that I feel good about pulling a 4 iron out of the bag that looks like a...
Just a little background: I am 6’ tall and about 180lbs. I tend to stand more upright when I swing and swing pretty hard. I currently have ping zings in my bag. They are hand me downs which are what I usually use. The other day I forgot my clubs and used my cousin’s irons. He hits Callaway Diablo. It was a big difference in distance and feel!!!  I feel like I should maybe investigate getting a new set of irons to help improve my game. Any suggestions?
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