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I do practice and I'm not saying I expect to get better over night. Nobody on here can say they don't get frustrated at a bad round. I had a bad round. I got frustrated. That's it. Anywho. I'll be at the Norman course for a round tomorrow and hitting the range before. I just hope to best my last score there which was a 92.
Had a frustrating round today. Shot a 93. 2 fairways hit 6 greens 35 putts and 2 penalty shots. It was not fun. I might spend my day tomorrow at the range just practicing drills. Wednesday I'll be playing at the Norman Course so I gotta practice
ya that must have been it. And ya it was a charity event that someone sponsored is. My patterns were a 6, 7, and 10 handicap and myself.it was like a practice round for me where I got some swings in. Lol
Played in a 4 man best ball today. It was a grip of fun. Course was par 70 5700 yards. Sooo 7 drivable par 4's lol. Our team shot 53 and someone supposedly shot a 46... Oh well it was a blast
i had the understanding she finished q school after she was accepted to big break but before it started taping. oh well. she probably will win haha
anyone see Jackie finish T2 a few weeks ago on the Symetra Tour? and didn't she earn her LPGA card through Q school? how is she on the show?
if today was sunday at Augusta i would probably shoot around 100 because i can't get off the tee good for the life of me right now haha
well i had an ok round today. i lost hitting my driver and 3 wood so i had 3 penalty strokes off the tee which put my in bad positions. i hit 3 fairways and 5 greens. there were at least 7 greens i had no chance of hitting because of my tee shot. i hit 2 buckets before my round. 1 1/2 buckets were drills and half the last bucket was driver and 3 wood to warm up. my drills went well. driver and 3 wood told the story of my round haha. shot a 49-42 91 with 33 putts and 4...
Awesome I will do that. Thank you so much
I think Bubba's issues are anxiety. He seems way anxious all the time so maybe he snaps at people just because he is so anxious. And when I saw him at the northern trust. His caddy was a pretty big dick to people. So who knows
New Posts  All Forums: