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Played in a 4 man best ball today. It was a grip of fun. Course was par 70 5700 yards. Sooo 7 drivable par 4's lol. Our team shot 53 and someone supposedly shot a 46... Oh well it was a blast
i had the understanding she finished q school after she was accepted to big break but before it started taping. oh well. she probably will win haha
anyone see Jackie finish T2 a few weeks ago on the Symetra Tour? and didn't she earn her LPGA card through Q school? how is she on the show?
if today was sunday at Augusta i would probably shoot around 100 because i can't get off the tee good for the life of me right now haha
well i had an ok round today. i lost hitting my driver and 3 wood so i had 3 penalty strokes off the tee which put my in bad positions. i hit 3 fairways and 5 greens. there were at least 7 greens i had no chance of hitting because of my tee shot. i hit 2 buckets before my round. 1 1/2 buckets were drills and half the last bucket was driver and 3 wood to warm up. my drills went well. driver and 3 wood told the story of my round haha. shot a 49-42 91 with 33 putts and 4...
Awesome I will do that. Thank you so much
I think Bubba's issues are anxiety. He seems way anxious all the time so maybe he snaps at people just because he is so anxious. And when I saw him at the northern trust. His caddy was a pretty big dick to people. So who knows
Thank you very much. It really was the most fun I've had at the range lol
Thank you so much. I will try to keep those in mind and hopefully when I take new videos probably Thursday? I'll be headed in the right direction. Are you talking about the slow swings or the full speed swings? Do you think the slow swings are a good idea? Like 2 drills you taught me then 2 slow swings? Or should I abandon it?
haha my volume is too loud the canon made me jump lol
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