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Thanks guys, I appreciate the suggestion. I'll give this a try the next time I'm out. This definitely makes more sense.
I'm really good at controlling trajectory and spin with my irons in windy conditions (when I say windy I'm talking 20+ mph) but my driver is where I really struggle. I've looked around for tips but most of the articles I find are written for players with slower clubhead speeds. My clubhead speed on a smooth driver swing is right at 115mph.   Most of what I've seen says you want to tee the ball down a bit more and play it back of center. This just increases the spin on...
I'm looking to upgrade my old Cleveland Comp 460 with Aldila NV-65 shaft. The only place around me that does fitting is a joke and has absolutely no selection so I'm hoping there are some equipment experts around here that can help me out.   Anyway, I always hit the ball really high which becomes a huge problem in the wind. I'm looking for a lower, boring ball flight and after a bit of research, it sounds like the 910d3 or 913d3 might be what I'm after. I'm wondering...
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