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Anyone down in myrtle care to report on the conditions?
Great info Dave. I wish I could go bigger but in an apartment I'm really stuck on space. As you mentioned I think it'll really help from 8 feet and in
Just ordered the 9x2 putting green. That size is probably the biggest i can go. Wanted something better than just a piece of cloth, but not hundreds of dollars. I've read mixed reviews on the product. Anyone with experience with the birdieball practice greens?
Went to pga in paramus last night. Messed around for an hour and a half on the putting green. Had a 100 dollar gift card to blow so was seriously considering upgrading my putter. Loved the feel of the odyssey metal x two ball. Got it for under 100 so very happy
Yes first ever true golf trip for me. Myrtle beach weekend of the 21st of february. Playing and staying at the legends. I I have another thread here: http://thesandtrap.com/t/72090/myrtle-beach-late-february#post_942055 Basically looking for any tips suggestions etc on MB, how legends is, course conditions, rent a car or pay for transportation. First time down there so very excited
Saw it last night. Awesome documentary. I was rooting hard for Jed. Also got the vibe that a lot of these parents push these kids a bit too hard. I told my gf we should watch and she basically said "no not another golf thing" played the trailer and she begged that we watch it. Awesome watch for even non golfers
Arrive on Friday morning, playing heathland the afternoon. Parkland Saturday morning, moorland Sunday morning and then we leave. Would love to hear from some MB experts
My younger sisters boyfriend (surprise surprise) haha....he is hardcore into golf, but pretty much stinks. Not that I'm that much better. We both really got into golf this past summer, and he would play way more than me. He'd probably play or atleast hit the range 4 times a week. He still has yet to beat me lol Other than him, usually play alone after work, sometimes with my girlfriends parents
Oh and one last thing, especially for the poster above me...many complain about the bulk w hard cases. On my one and only trip w my clubs, I'm lucky I didn't have a hard case. Back seats were occupied so couldn't throw my clubs in there. Trunk was so small. Luckily my club glove could fold up, clubs go in the trunk, and I pack the bag when I get to the airport.
I'm relatively a noob when it comes to golf and golf travel. I've traveled once w my clubs (but have a trip planned next month, and plan on bringing my clubs w me whenever I travel in the future). Before my trip I was debating on what to buy. Hard cover vs soft cover, cheap vs more expensive etc etc. I bit the bullet and went w a club glove. I had a coupon code for a free stiff arm also, which helped a tad w the cost. I think I ordered through them directly. My clubs got...
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