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Same! Everytime I am in a bad situation (weird lie, ball way up/down from my feet, etc...) I go for my 6 iron (or lower if I am close to the green). I prefer to lay up being confident I'll hit my shot with my 6 iron then trying to go for the green and not being confident about it. It might be because everytime I practice, I do my warm-up with my 6 iron, so the 6 iron is the club I hit the most at the range.
I use oobgolf.com. It is all website driven, so will work on any platform. There are some minor issues with it (very minor) but I have not found anything free that gives out as much information.
Yeah, what you said makes total sense. His swing is probably in-to-out, but his clubface is open the same amount of degrees that his swing is. Since he said he had a nice little draw before, he was probably swinging in-to-out before too. Since the problem only arrived since he started to put his weight forward, he probably contacts the ball earlier than before so his clubface has not "released" yet. If before he was hitting with his club face square to target, but now he...
Have you tried a slightly stronger grip ? Usually it promotes a closeb clubface at impact. So maybe your grip is a little too weak, and your natural hand position at impact makes the head to be slightly open.   Adress your club with the face pointing as you do right now, strengthen your grip a little without changing the clubface angle, and try a couple of swings.
Just wondering where this 2 caddie rule stops.   Last week at the barclay's, a player (sorry can't remember his name) hit a shot out of a greenside bunker. After his shot, he went on the green to mark his ball and since his ball was dirty he looked at his caddie to clean it, but his caddie was busy raking the bunker. The other player's caddie made him a sign and the player threw his ball to the other caddie, that cleaned it and threw it back to the player.   Would that...
 My girlfriend was holding the phone, so I'll blame her 
Overall I was simply curious. I'd like to be able to hit a draw most of the time (from my practice today, it was easier to get solid ball contact trying to hit a draw than a fade) but I was curious if I ever want to practice my fade which of the 2 technique is the best.
Small local 9 hole course.   Played +6 (my personal best on that course is +5), so overall it was a pretty good round for me! par, +2, +2, par, par, par, par, +1, +1 (all par were GIRs)   Those 2 last bogeys really hurt, I would have beaten my personal best.
Hi! After posting a video in the "My Swings" section talking about my problem where I would mostly hit fades and was unable to hit a draw, I started to practice what I was told I should work on. I have to say that it is paying off. Today I was able to hit draws pretty easily (still not consistent with the amount of draw tho, one shot would be like 2 yards, the next one 10 yards, the next one 5 yards, etc...).   There was one thing I noticed. What I was told to practice...
I don't know if it is a good idea to do it, but it works for me!   I too have quite a gap in between 2 wedges, so I take my PW, open the face (which reduces loft) and aim a little right since ball wil go left (instead of going straigth, ball starts a little left and fades only a very little. I am left handed, so if you are right handed, reverse all this.). I can reduce distance between 10 and 30 yards depending on how much I open the face, the only thing I have to do is...
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