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I like it. I don't feel like I excute my shots well enough to really be able to take advantage of the principals in the book, yet.
Ok so I do just try to put into it.
I was able to go out twice today and played some of the best golf I've ever played. The first round I was feeling it then of course I had to pull out my driver and be cute on the forth hole. I hooked the ball into the woods and had to take a penalty, I knew before that it was a bad idea and that probably didn't help. The rest of the match I could feel the shoulder I pulled from the other week and it made me not strike the ball as well as I could've. Overall I had fun and...
I got these from my grandfather a while back when he first got me into golf. What are they and how am I suppose to use them?
Just played a round today. I never did get any putting practice in over the week. I plan on doing that this week since I'm done with some exams for a little while. This last round I played with my girlfriend and it was a little more stressful then usual lol so I wasn't really taking my time on each shot. Putting was still pretty bad along with my iron distances. I never had my driver this game either I sliced most shots. 10/12/13 115:...
Lol it is pretty funny I would've been laughing my ass off too. I've never seen that before.
Lol thanks for the input. I agree with you
Those are just estimates give or take .01 yard. I generally don't track my divots 200 yards and out but when I do it's blocking my ball from going in the cup.
So you are saying just swing nice and easy to make sure the fundamentals are right? If so that is what I was doing at bloomingdale and I completely agree with you.
Ya putting that day was difficult I kept on missing really close putts and could not read the green. Of course that's what I didn't practice before heading out. I will say however even when I was landing on the green I was giving myself difficult putts because I would be 30 feet away on a green I can barely judge the distance on. Anyways it was a fun day. I went to the range with my good friend and his father, who's a 7-8 handicap, he changed my swing to make me drive...
New Posts  All Forums: