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Just a thought - do duff any shots? taking a big divot?   If your at the range you could be hitting good shots due to the bounce of the mat, leading to you hitting the ball cleaner.    Whereas on the course you could be inconsistent due to soft/hardness of the turf your playing on. Just a thought :)
I play at least 3 rounds a week in summer. Which include an hour warm up (30mins short game, 30mins irons) and sometimes again some time on the range/green after the round if I'm unhappy.   Last winter I developed (with some help from an Instructor) a cardio, flexibility and core strength training regime because I couldn't play as much with work commitments etc to get in full rounds. I did still manage to get down the range 3 times a week though.   Winter - 3 gym...
A simple love of the game. Even at ridiculous 6.03am tee times, when I feel sick and haven't had enough sleep. 
This is a great thread. My goals for the year were to get into a single figures. I have always been around 15, but with a natural swing I knew I could do a lot better. I played all year and got it down to 2.6, and the feeling is simply incredible.   Reasons i think i accomplished this:   - Developing my short game to the level of my iron play.  - Devoting my entire exercise regime to becoming more flexible, and developing core strength. - Research, reading books,...
New Posts  All Forums: