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Thank you guys! I have been playing golf for a good few years now but only been a member of a club and playing regular tourneys 18 months now. I've significantly improved but in all my time never had this! Oh we'll I'm taking it as a good learning experience and finding that some people will do anything to win. I should have seen it coming really. As the more I was clawing the game back the more upset he seemed to get. I just thought it was with himself for letting it slip...
Its wasn't specific tournament day. It was matchplay home game on my club course. So just a normal day in terms of the course. I think he is try to get the match over turned because the next round is at the London club
Hi Guys I played in the 3rd Round of the Nike match play event (formerly Volvo). I started off terribly and found myself 4 down after the first 6 holes. Anyway a combination and a near faultless back 9 and my opponent making some mental errors forces the match to into 2 play off holes. On the second play off hole I won by holing a 30 foot put for birdie. The guy shakes my hand then as were walking back across the course he starts muttering then he said "i think you...
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