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Well, Congratulations to me!   The woman who moved out while I was at work has given me a signed divorce decree.  I am moving to Pcola in a couple weeks or so.  Have any of you played there much?   I would like to hear some better thoughts on the courses than I obtain from biased ads and the such. Thanks
"We" just want you to never post again.  Seriously, I'm pretty sure I know what you mean. Take care all.  May you all live with less fear and more birdies. Pax Vobiscum, ---Matt
What I'm trying to say, Bro.  Grill Room.  Off topic.  Yes?  No?  You make my point but don't really let me know that there is any differentiation between areas of the Forum.  You see what I mean, yes?   Why have any boundaries if there are none.  Just call one giant thread "GOLF". I have a day or two that I experiment with different threads.  No one can handle it?  C'mon  guys, life cannot be this serious.  No, really, it is not actually this serious.  I have written 5,...
THAT'S where I saw him.  He was on Star Trek once.  And something about Sherlock Holmes I think.  Sherlock had a dog named Baskerville as well if I am remembering the same guy.
Heard of him but not had the pleasure to meet him yet.  I thought he somehow looked familiar tho.  Thanks.
It is obvious that I abhor thinking.  Why would youse guys want to think?
Four more injections in my lumbar region.  Four prednisone.  Two Lortabs.  One tall-boy Bud Light.  Later on some Wii Golf.  It's been a bad week.
Just curious... who is the guy in your avatar that looks like he is smelling a dead cat under his chair?
Currently I am not sure.  Since I switched to modern Callaways I hit my 4i quite a bit for a variety of situations.     I am sure when it comes to my previous clubs.  1973 Hogan Apex blades.  Best club in the set was a 2i.  And IT was the best club in my bag.  Not as versatile as the Callaway 4i, but for a pure 2i there was nothing sweeter.
Some of you guys really do take this too seriously.  I play with logic, phrases, and words to try and see what kind of response I may get.    I have only experimented with this in The Grill Room.  I kinda thought it looked like a fun place to play.  Well, I've tried to get a few goats just for the fun of it, cause I don't do it in the other areas due to my being golf minded in the other places.  I have very much enjoyed and benefited from what I have learned from many of...
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