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Of course stretch out before a round. A good stretch will not necessarily hurt but it should make you actually break a small sweat. For the intercostal spaces I would recommend this although it is primarily for the chest...stand in a doorway and place your hand on the casing so that your elbow is parallel with the floor. Bend slightly and step forward with one foot ( you will know the one depending on which side you are doing) . Lean into it so you feel the chest...
Just trying to lighten things up in a humanistic kind of way. I apologize. Thought Id throw some commonality in for fun sake. Cannot find my riddle book anyway. I shall retire and return no more. You have prevailed with a rather over starched collar. I concede.
Nor my language colourful.
Oops. Blew my joke by using a period at the end. I am so not grammatically funny.
Two must be used at the end of a sentence!! If you don't believe me just ask ee cummings.
Hint...I am being a bit snarky. Come on guys. Do your worst! Lol
Pink Floyd. Meddle.
I can still teach. But I am not in tennis any longer. I have eleven racquets for sale tho. Wanna buy one?
I know I went out of turn. I apologize. I just had a beer and got silly. Humorous me anyway please. I think some of your answers might be hilarious!
New one..... I am a tennis pro. I get married and retire to settle down. My wife loves everything. Soon I have nothing. What am I ?
New Posts  All Forums: