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 Perfect pitch is a really interesting phenomenon. It's an acquired skill, but crucially it looks like it's impossible to acquiring once you're older than something like 5 or 6. It's one of those things that you can only do if you actually picked it up as a kid (like golf maybe...).
Another lefty that swings righty here, though almost all other sports I've tried I've ended up playing right handed.   I don't know. My experience is the opposite but in no way conclusive. I feel like one of my swing flaws is that my left arm overpowers my right, and that a lot of learning how to swing better was understanding how to properly harness the power in my right arm. There's a quote from one of the greats about wishing they had three right hands, right? The...
 "Those athletes" being McIlroy and Garcia? I'd take your bet. After this weekend I suspect McIlroy's quite ok with his stature and, if magically given the opportunity to play again like he did over the weekend, probably wouldn't want to change a single thing. But you're right, who knows.
 Totally get that.  Thanks. That sounds cool and was the kind of thing I was hoping to read.
. Whatever.
 If you'll excuse my skepticism, could you maybe provide some more information here. What is it that you did differently to make such a big improvement?
Wait, what? Are you saying you're telling your instructor what's important? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
 Well, of course. But in my (admittedly novice) experience the degree of difficulty between hitting a 5 and a 7 is a lot more pronounced than between a 7 and a 9, and I found it interesting that a really good player such as @GHIN0011458 mentioned something similar. If that were true one would expect a non linear relationship between dispersion and iron being used, so just wondering if the stats do show that. Either that or my 6 and 5 irons hate me, which I could totally...
 So any chance you know where I could see stats on that? Your comment seems to imply that even for really good players (as opposed to total hackers like me), there's a point where longer clubs start getting disproportionately more difficult to hit.  
  I don't think that's true. A quick google search seems to back me up. What are your sources?
New Posts  All Forums: