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 Where are you picking up most of your shots? 70% on chipping/putting seems like an awful lot.
The more stories I read like this the more grateful I am for my local range. It's basically two separate ranges, with the parking lot between the two. Usually one side will be for hitting off grass, and the other side for hitting off mats. If they mow they'll close the one side, but you still get to hit on the other side. Range ball machines are unattended, so no worries about waiting to pay for balls. And it's only a 10 minute drive from my house, and on my route home...
Hey everyone. Consider me a new member of our little support group. Played 9 yesterday (played on my own for the first time and first time I seriously kept score) and shot 44 on a really easy par 31 course.   I have newfound appreciation for anyone with a sub 20 handicap. Watching some of the videos on the vlog thread makes it looks so easy but, yeah, it ain't easy.   Things holding me back: Problems with the driver. I'm about 50/50 for balls lost off the tee when...
"Any time spent at the golf course counts as time against the clock" Certainly does according to my wife
 Yeah, really wish he would update the stats on his blog. This is the most recent stuff I can find: http://thedanplan.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Combine-Test-for-Dan-Plan-2013-11-07.pdf  
 Ooooh, now that you put it *that* way I totally get it!   You're right, he's light-years away from looking like a tour pro. But then I can't think of anyone I've seen at the range I'd label as having a wimpy swing. Maybe uncoordinated. But wimpy? No.
 I'm sorry, I don't see what you mean by "wimpy". He hasn't posted any recent videos on his blog that I can find, but the videos that there are of his driver swing looks better than most of the guys I see at the range (and I go a fair bit) and certainly not wimpy in comparison. Sure, he's not a big dude, but he seems to use what he's got fairly well.
 Perfect pitch is a really interesting phenomenon. It's an acquired skill, but crucially it looks like it's impossible to acquiring once you're older than something like 5 or 6. It's one of those things that you can only do if you actually picked it up as a kid (like golf maybe...).
Another lefty that swings righty here, though almost all other sports I've tried I've ended up playing right handed.   I don't know. My experience is the opposite but in no way conclusive. I feel like one of my swing flaws is that my left arm overpowers my right, and that a lot of learning how to swing better was understanding how to properly harness the power in my right arm. There's a quote from one of the greats about wishing they had three right hands, right? The...
 "Those athletes" being McIlroy and Garcia? I'd take your bet. After this weekend I suspect McIlroy's quite ok with his stature and, if magically given the opportunity to play again like he did over the weekend, probably wouldn't want to change a single thing. But you're right, who knows.
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