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Been once or twice. I have one just a few miles from where I live. It's a lot of fun, especially seeing as it's the one place I can involve the wife and kids in golf related stuff. (As an aside: My wife could probably become really good at golf. She had a few really nice shots at TopGolf, and she never picks up a club, but she's just not interested ).   But it's not really golf.
Why do you think being tall would help with any of those?
 If you just want to track improvement (or non-improvement ) then it doesn't have to be a handicap. A simple rolling average would be just as useful, no? Besides, as long as you write down scores, slopes and course rating then you can always calculate it later.
Not sure if this has been posted in the thread yet.   [The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong and Perpetuates a Cruel Myth] http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2014/09/malcolm_gladwell_s_10_000_hour_rule_for_deliberate_practice_is_wrong_genes.html
 Really interesting to me how much he's struggling to get rid of that. That's gotta be one of the first things any coach would spot (heck I spotted it the first time I saw a video of his swing) and seems like something a coach should be able to explain quite easily.
 In developing my swing I've gone through the same evolution to an extent. After watching some youtube videos (Shawn Clement, to name names, who advocates a "just let gravity take over" approach to the swing) I also tried the "just swing" approach, but it never ended up working out for me, and the path to golf enlightenment has been different for me. If it's possible for you to put it into words, I'm really interested to hear more about what it means to you to swing...
 You're absolutely right. But my scores are weapons grade depressing. By working on ball striking and taking the positive from well hit shots I at least feel like I've got a chance of being able to play this game for real some day.
 Oh well, different strokes. I'm still a beginner and play my local par 3 course frequently. My scores haven't really improved over the last few months, but I hardly ever have a gratuitous mishit in a round nowadays, so I definitely feel like I'm improving even though it's not reflected in my scores (yet). To answer the question posed in the title: yes, I'm definitively getting better. There's a lot to work on in my mechanics, so it's easy getting better. I'm even getting...
Here's Mark Crossfield taking 4 (and counting) penalty shots. I found it funny. Start around the 25:30 mark.  
Thanks for posting the game golf link. Very interesting.   Awesome driver, 3 wood combo on the 12th.
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