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To answer the question posed in the title: No. I think being compulsive about your routine makes it more difficult to adapt to things outside of your control.
 A little cryptic maybe?
Should be a poll!   I vote irons. (Yes, I seriously neglect putting.)
Yeah, just guessing, but maybe they didn't have a close up shot of the ball going in when she did that, and just cut something in later. Judging by her reaction I think she did actually sink it.
 This does wonders for me. Just ensuring I line up with the club face square and my body aligned no more than 10 degrees right has a major impact.
 Not even close.
 Sorry, I still don't get it. So if the differences between good and bad swings are immeasurable, what do you measure to verify that you're making a better swing?
 If you're referring to how his hands move away from his body at the takeaway, then I disagree. Good golfers just don't do that.
 If I had to ask someone else to make this decision for me and were given the choice between a) making a decision based on one relatively simple statistical rule or b) a professional making a gut call based on untold hours of practice, experience and situation specific factors which we are almost completely unaware of, I'm going to go with b every single time. The suggestion that we somehow know better than he did what decision to make is very difficult to defend in my...
New Posts  All Forums: