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Oh man! That's gotta be a pretty awesome feeling.
Ha ha. I managed to just smile and nod at the guy at the range while he was lecturing me about my "reverse pivot". Admittedly he did have a pretty good swing. But if something like you described happened to me at the course I don't think I would be able to keep my mouth shut.
So I've been working seriously on my swing for a little under two years and had my first experience today at the range of being offered unsolicited advice (why why why!?). I consider it a milestone seeing as I've probably just sucked so badly until now that people probably thought I was beyond help. What other unconventional milestones can I look forward to?
I voted option 2. Slow players are like bad (car) drivers. Everyone complains about bad drivers, but no one ever admits to being one...
 (You missed the question mark). Die antwort ist nein.
 Agreed. All of the recriminations, revelations, soul searching and over analysis since the cup I find quite farcical. It's my first year following the world of golf this closely. Will this keep on going until the next cup?
"The pros won't be playing these irons, they're designed for the average golfer" @mvmac Given how important distance is and assuming Callaway truly have introduced a game changer, why wouldn't pros take advantage of it?
Been once or twice. I have one just a few miles from where I live. It's a lot of fun, especially seeing as it's the one place I can involve the wife and kids in golf related stuff. (As an aside: My wife could probably become really good at golf. She had a few really nice shots at TopGolf, and she never picks up a club, but she's just not interested ).   But it's not really golf.
Why do you think being tall would help with any of those?
 If you just want to track improvement (or non-improvement ) then it doesn't have to be a handicap. A simple rolling average would be just as useful, no? Besides, as long as you write down scores, slopes and course rating then you can always calculate it later.
New Posts  All Forums: