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 This has another effect that hasn't been mentioned before: Doppler shift. To someone standing a few stalls away the Doppler shift isn't as much as it is for you, so all things being equal the sound will definitely be perceived differently by the hitter.
 Definitely. I go to the local PGA store and use their practice bays with launch monitors, and on good shots it shows 145 yard carries with my 7 iron. Went to the range on Saturday and they had the ropes all the way back (yay for a grass range 10 minutes from my house, and for mild winters in Georgia!), and they have yardages marked off to each pin from bays. Didn't have a single shot with my 8 iron carry past the 125 yard pin.
Thanks everyone. To me, the amount of information is not the problem. Finding the nuggets of truth in the mountain of information out there is what's difficult.   Reading and thinking about it the last few days I reluctantly have to conclude that my slice is not due to some supernatural cause, but just that I'm swinging out to in, much as I've practiced not doing that. Doing "static" weight forward drills helps (so set up in a weight forward impact position, then swing...
Just got back from the range and didn't manage to hit a single ball straight. Argh! Just need to vent so I'm resurrecting this thread.   Please tell me it is actually possible for a habitual slicer to get better... A few months ago I thought I did, then I made the mistake of reading about the swing, watching videos, learning about ball flight laws blah blah and it seems the more I know the less I'm able to actually make any improvement. SO frustrating.   Anybody...
1. Break 100 2. Get an official handicap
Quote:Thanks for the encouragement. I've been lurking here for almost a year now and the site is a great resource. I'm still in a position where I get more by reading what the experts write than I can contribute by writing. On the topic at hand I haven't discovered the key to a great game yet (hell, I'd settle for a key to a great swing), but still hoping it exists.
No prob, I understand. Think I'll stick with the username. I think I'll be a newbie for some time yet. :)
Oops. Sorry. LastPass picked the wrong one.
 Not sure what you mean.
Very interesting. An argument from the conservation of angular momentum does explain his movements though. (Not saying that it's got anything to do with "downswing sequencing" btw. I don't know what that phrase means.)   Look at how his lower body rotates in the opposite direction from what they would have had he been doing his swing while standing on solid ground. Initially when he starts falling he has no appreciable angular momentum. Therefore, when he tries to rotate...
New Posts  All Forums: