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Here's Mark Crossfield taking 4 (and counting) penalty shots. I found it funny. Start around the 25:30 mark.  
Thanks for posting the game golf link. Very interesting.   Awesome driver, 3 wood combo on the 12th.
Can we have a polling option on whether this thread should just be moved elsewhere? Chances of there being any useful discussion about golf are just about zero.
I'd need to be convinced about that. Do you have a reference to anything that backs this up?
 Not that I need to pile on after the epic beat down that Erik just dealt, but in my experience in the sector I work in this just isn't true. From technical to management, the women I work with are absolutely up to the task. The best manager I ever had is a woman, and I actually believe that some of her traditional female qualities (even though I'm suspicious when people say men or women need to behave in certain ways) made her a better boss than her male...
Number 27. Yeah, sorry, me dropping where I think I lost the ball is a courtesy from me as a beginner, rather than a mistake. I know I'm not truly playing golf if I do that, but there's no way I'm walking back if I forgot to hit a provisional.   Also, 3 of the ones from the list were about what people wear. Seriously, life's too short to worry about stuff like that.
 Where are you picking up most of your shots? 70% on chipping/putting seems like an awful lot.
The more stories I read like this the more grateful I am for my local range. It's basically two separate ranges, with the parking lot between the two. Usually one side will be for hitting off grass, and the other side for hitting off mats. If they mow they'll close the one side, but you still get to hit on the other side. Range ball machines are unattended, so no worries about waiting to pay for balls. And it's only a 10 minute drive from my house, and on my route home...
Hey everyone. Consider me a new member of our little support group. Played 9 yesterday (played on my own for the first time and first time I seriously kept score) and shot 44 on a really easy par 31 course.   I have newfound appreciation for anyone with a sub 20 handicap. Watching some of the videos on the vlog thread makes it looks so easy but, yeah, it ain't easy.   Things holding me back: Problems with the driver. I'm about 50/50 for balls lost off the tee when...
"Any time spent at the golf course counts as time against the clock" Certainly does according to my wife
New Posts  All Forums: