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 This does wonders for me. Just ensuring I line up with the club face square and my body aligned no more than 10 degrees right has a major impact.
 Not even close.
 Sorry, I still don't get it. So if the differences between good and bad swings are immeasurable, what do you measure to verify that you're making a better swing?
 If you're referring to how his hands move away from his body at the takeaway, then I disagree. Good golfers just don't do that.
 If I had to ask someone else to make this decision for me and were given the choice between a) making a decision based on one relatively simple statistical rule or b) a professional making a gut call based on untold hours of practice, experience and situation specific factors which we are almost completely unaware of, I'm going to go with b every single time. The suggestion that we somehow know better than he did what decision to make is very difficult to defend in my...
What was your handicap when you started?
Pretty modest goals this year:   1. Break 100 2. Take a few lessons specifically on hitting my driver.
Latest blog and he's still going on and on about equipment. You better golfers out there please help me here. I believe good golfers are good, almost irrespective of equipment (within reason, of course). Is that your experience?
 Same here. I'll watch meandmygolf vids if they have specific golf instruction stuff I'm interested in, but there's just not much personality on camera to make me come back for more. Parfield's stuff I watch mostly for entertainment value.
 It's colloquially called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, also known as the frequency illusion.
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