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Yes. I'm almost always in pain after just a round or couple of practice sessions.  I'm putting ice on often on my lower back, both shoulders, and right ribcage.  I probably have seriously wrong mechanics or try too hard beyond my physical conditions.  I tried to ask around but most people  I know don't have much issue.  Now I'm thinking I should play only 60-70%. of what my actual extension.  That way I probably enjoy more and get on life after a round of golf. 
Bjørn, Thomas -14 Donald, Luke -13 Stenson, Henrik -13
91 = 71 + 20(13 F9, 7 B9) @70.9 / 125 6400 yd   Shanks were everywhere. Greens were being aerated
Brutal condition but I enjoy it.  Most of tournaments I see machines hitting shots after shots under perfect sunlight.  In this condition, they do look human
I do daydream golf a lot.  When I see pictures of some beautiful golf courses or swings or equipments, I do want to jump out and hit.  I watch anything golf even during football season
Almost all of my playing partners ESC at double par and treat it as "official" score.  If it's for the money then it could be like this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWTXoNzuk8c
I love watching BB male or female.  Beside few exceptions like Gainey, almost all of them won't even sniff at the pro games but it's still a fun show.  I saw the episodes featuring Tony Finau who passed a cut for Q-school for Web.com tour
I try to count them all even though I'm pretty high handicap.  No mulligan, no adjust lie, no give-me putts unless I'm getting chase behind.  Blow up holes give me something extra to think about. 
Both Tiger and Phil look very uncomfortable and "average".  I mean one guy won 8 times professionally there and the other guy 3 and lives right next to it.  Maybe they can bring some excitement for weekend.
After watching Tiger yesterday, I'm beginning to wonder about him  wining another major.  Big issue; putting.  He just doesn't read putt very well now.  Driver is as troublesome as before, iron may be rusty for the first game but the putt is something he used to be above and beyond.  Now he looks just average PGA pro. 
New Posts  All Forums: