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I had that issue also early on and it was because I was sweeping my wedges and shot would go straight up and short.  Are you taking a divot at all with these swings?
Congrats! Thats a huge accomplishment and congrats on the future new clubs, you deserve em!
I would say you just scrap the 18 and use it as a practice round.  I think we've all been there before
I played 9 this evening a shot +5.  I was +3 after 3 holes and then the irons started to come together.  At first, my swing thought throughout the entire swing was keeping a flat wrist and because of that it kind of took away from what the rest of my body was supposed to be doing and wasn't getting my weight forward all the way.  After a few holes I would take two practice swings just focusing on flat wrist and then when I addressed the ball I wouldnt think about it at all...
All i can say is, WOW.   I have been golfing for 3.5 months now after finishing up my baseball career and have gotten my handicap pretty low all things considered.  However, I have been getting frustrated on the course with inconsistent contact as well as too many fat shots.  I know that I have not had a flat wrist and that I flip a little through impact, but I was planning on working on that this winter.   However, after shooting a 96 yesterday after 5 straight rounds...
Every time you walk in front of a mirror you stop and do slow swings to check the form
In terms of hitting off the heal, I would try backing off the ball an inch, and or also try aligning the ball on the toe of the club face at address.  See if that fixes anything.
I just graduated college where I played baseball and previously played since I was three.  I had never picked up a golf club before until 3.5 months ago.  First few weeks of playing i was in the 120's but now I am usually mid-high 80's with an occasional low 80 or a low 90.  Most of my friends think that I have picked golf up so quickly mainly because I already have good hand-eye coordination.     (I mainly think its because I was so used to practicing baseball every day...
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