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I'm glad I found a site where all my questions are answered with comments like you're wrong. It saves me the trouble of thinking for myself and forming my own opinion. Do you also have all the Right answers for other venues than just golf. That would be wonderful, none of us would have to think, just ask you. I for one will be declining the Kool-Aid when you say I need to drink it.
Are you a Flat earther per chance?
Not sure what topic you've wandered off to. I was only commenting on the way TV posts scores on their leaderboard. When Tiger plays the TV audience is probably doubled and rightly so. He is arguably the greatest golfer ever and most certainly at this time in the top two. This all has NOTHING to do with the order of scoring postings. You seem to favor listing the most popular golfer first I favor listing the first to post his score. You seem to think that if TV lists in...
I agree Zinger played predominantly a low fade and Zach a draw. I've stood behind each of them and watched them hit balls. That being said Zinger could draw it and Zach can fade it. Trevino played a fade throughout his career but changed to a draw at some point on the Senior tour, but whether hitting a fade or draw anyone would recognize Trevino's distinctive swing. That is what I've observed when watching Zinger or Zach.The unusually strong grip and the hanging on through...
Read my Last sentence. You think people would quit watching, I don't. I agree to disagree.
One of us missed something. I began my post by addressing TV BROADCASTS. By your logic referees should not call fouls on Labron because fans want to see him. Labron is a great basketball player, but doesn't need preferred treatment. Tiger, Phil and Rory are great players but don't need preferred treatment. It's simple enough, first in, first up, no bias, no prejudice, no favoritism. I don't think the world will stop watching golf if the TV BROADCASTS listed EVERYONE in the...
golfers are listed by the order in which they post (first in listed first). If player (A) posts ahead of Phil, Rory, or Tiger they have in effect Earned their rightful spot. It's just the preferential treatment to the games elite. Again, I know it isn't going to change, but the elite don't need any help, they get to the top of the leaderboard on their own merits more than anyone else.
They seem to have very similar swings with a strong grip and then hold it off. Paul was told his swing would never last. He did pretty well for a swing that wouldn't last. Zach's doing alright himself.
The fans decide, c'mon give me a break, you're speaking in platitudes. Don't be so obtuse (shawshank). The Tiger's, Phil's and Rory's have and will continue to earn their spot on the leaderboards, why not let the guy who had a great round get the spot he EARNED that day or week? I'm not naive I know it will never change, but I'm speaking up for the little guy. LOL
The TV broadcasters have taken it upon themselves to choose favorites, like Tiger. Even though there are procedures set in place to determine the standings order (for ties) they continually leapfrog other golfers that should have been higher on the standings. I don't have a relative playing on tour but I imagine some of the fathers or families of the lesser known players are upset that preferential treatment is being shown. It is unfair and there is no reason for it to...
New Posts  All Forums: