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 Agreed.  I do not know what Paul may or may not do, but if it were me, I would simply do as I do now:  "Adieu' mon amis".
to MVMAC, thanks for the clairification. The device MEGSA was not mentioned in the article, but only in the URL of the video and the accompanying commercial ad at the end.  Since The entire piece was discussing the Iron Byron, I thought it relevant. It certainly is a weird looking thing, no wonder they did not mention, but it appeared that Mike Bender was using Iron Byron as his method.
Thank you Paul. I agree with you 100% on the weight shift and hip turn. As far as Mike Bender, I was only going by the link in my previous post that appeared in my in box from The Golf Tailor shortly after your discussion came up on this forum. From what you say, I guess the similarity ends at the link discussing the machine, then followed by the commercial ad. I presume the product in the ad would be somewhat different.. Your conclusion is spot on, and I would definitely...
I doubt if he will, but perhaps Paul Wilson can step in and clarify if what he and Mike Bender are talking about are  more or less the same thing? There seems to be some disagreement on who the inventor of Iron Byron is.  Both state that it was at True Temper, but the articles list different inventors.
http://www.megsamethod.com/get/the-megsa-method-video?utm_source=gt-megsa&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gt-megsa-direct-vsl-e1&utm_campaign=gt-megsa-direct-vsl Although the narrator I believe is Mr. Olyer, he is talking about Megsa. Nothing whatsoever mentioned as you describe.
Interesting discussion. I rarely get involved with this type of thing and usually prefer just to read what others have to say. I applaud the forum owners for allowing this material to be presented to give their subscribers different viewpoints.  Personally, I like Paul Wilson's methods and they pretty much reinforce much of what  I am already doing. This article prompted me to study further the background of the Iron Byron. Paul's is not the only one however, as Mike...
not much these days. I do not really compete anymore and my schedule is kind of tight. I only get out and play every couple of months. What little practice I do is at a nearby park where I just mess around with the wedges.
I ran across a nice set of Hogan Edges . The line graphic is gold and the shaft is graphite and labeled: Legend High Performance Graphite.   I do not know about the flex.  I do not know if this particular shaft was made by The Hogan Company or is an aftermarket. .  The grips are Avon Chamois Jumbo.   Does anyone have any insight? Value? 
This site seems to have a lot of good stuff. I probably won't be posting a lot unless there is something that might be beneficial that I could add.  I tend to sit back and see what others are doing, kind of get a feel for the forum e.t.c.  I see that your moderators are instructors.  I've done a little of that as well, but would not want to conflict with their instruction.  For what it is worth, I hold to tried and true methods of the past, not a firm believer in the...
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