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Best man won. I saw almost all the action and I can't recall Spieth in any real trouble. He shouted a curse at some point though, in the 2nd round I think, but proceeded to get out of the mess.
absolute thriller of a final round. hat off to Bubba.
and the last hole will decide.
European team is choking big time... only the experience of Jimenez and Donaldson made it look a little better...
Don Miguel, imperial. He might go for it at Augusta, the way he's putting.
I would like to see a world cup of matchplay someday... Team Spain would stand a good chance :)
on paper it's lopsided, but it's on Asian soil, in Asian heat, so it should be a good one.   I woke up early to see it.
Go Sandra! Great scheduling too, complementing the World Cup.
Unforgiving course, but was lovely to watch. Those who kept their minds cool could - and did - score.   Can't wait for the 2nd round.
Stensson was magnificent... and that almost-albatross capped it nicely.
New Posts  All Forums: