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of course if the format is somehow adopted, each team would provide a list of prospective venues for at least 5 years in advance.   the politics of it make the thing difficult, not so much the logistics.
This formula would fit best in the women's game, where Asia is the top force and has no arrangement yet to play either US or Europe.
There should be a team match every year involving the three rosters: USA, Europe, Rest of World.   The loser of this year's match doesn't play the next year. Simple as that.   US - Europe next year, the winner plays the RoW in 2017, the winner plays the 2016 loser in 2018 and so on. Loser leaves the table (and the TV money).   Host should alternate, of course. This will solve also the fiasco that was the EurAsia cup project.
Best man won. I saw almost all the action and I can't recall Spieth in any real trouble. He shouted a curse at some point though, in the 2nd round I think, but proceeded to get out of the mess.
absolute thriller of a final round. hat off to Bubba.
and the last hole will decide.
European team is choking big time... only the experience of Jimenez and Donaldson made it look a little better...
Don Miguel, imperial. He might go for it at Augusta, the way he's putting.
I would like to see a world cup of matchplay someday... Team Spain would stand a good chance :)
on paper it's lopsided, but it's on Asian soil, in Asian heat, so it should be a good one.   I woke up early to see it.
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