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Closing in on 40, so guess not really young.... Any way, work is tremendously unpredictable and not willing to set a precedent of having to leave "early" every whichever day. Much prefer to bang out early morning 9's whenever I can and still get to work at a decent time. Plan 1/2 days off for 18.
Thanks. Ended up just hitting balls at Hearland. Crab Meadow was hoping to allow carts this week, but who knows... Will try there Sat Am.Will also be trying Dix Hill Park if we can manage to get a weekday AM that's not frigid. Hit 'em straight.Pat
This year definitely a major exception... Sunken Meadow and Crab Meadow scheduled to be open to walkers Friday.Sunken Meadow was bone dry and borderline unplayable by late summer. Hoping that plays to advantage for early season rounds. At least till they start digging the new irrigation system...
Anyone know if Sunken Meadow on Long Island is open? Read Bethpage not until April. Thanks
Rocketbalz 3 Hybrid for $78 at Golfsmith. No excuses now once this snow exits...
$5 bill and a old school pocket cocktail recipe booklet from the 50's. Because sometimes you finish a round and really want a Gin Rickey, but can't remember what's in it...
$20 sounds about right. $10 match (straight up or Irish), plus junk for 9 holes. $5 Nassau, plus junk for 18. Skins sometimes. Usally $2 birdies and greenies, but up for anything personally. Love the action.
Only Blue has been aerated, rest are end of October I believe. I would like to play Yellow and it's the walk up course for Sept. Guess I will scope it out around noontime and see how it goes. If too busy head to Sunken Meadow.
Yellow is the walk up course. Not sure if that makes things better or worse.
Thinking to try to walk up on Yellow course Monday around lunch time (2 of us). Never played there without a reservation before. Anyone have an idea what to expect for a wait? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: