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I don't think I see ten years of this and then starting on the whatever they call the champions tour then. But what's he gonna do?
Don't stop and don't give up, nobody likes quitters
I wonder how many of those under 35 English could Jimi Hendrix's drummer during the Experience days? OBTW he was English.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B 330S golf balls. Rory McIlroy -19 Victor Dubuisson - 16 Jordan Speith - 15
It might be that golf is a bit over thought by most of us at least once. Think the more flex the less control for higher swing speeds and conversely the stiffer more control allows for higher swing speeds for consistent swingers who can dial it in and ratchet up even more. The slower swing speed crowd will lose distance because the shaft isn't loading and unloading at all the right moments. Factory shafts have so much variance in them as to be incomparable. Find a fitter...
I marshal at a very popular southern California golf course and I can attest that most weekend golfers are so unable to estimate distances they can hit their clubs or how far they are from their target. The vast majority never hit a par three green in four tries,always short. On par fours and fives the group ahead has left the green before anyone in the trailing group has teed off, like they waited for the green to clear before unleashing that mighty 215 blast into the...
Not so much when the first one was built the players committee wanted the commissioner fired. Now it's a great course after all the changes. Now more courses are closing than opening and have been for ten years or more.
good post but you've not much experience trying to find lefty clubs, that was a one time good deal
It's all about confidence those of us that liked long irons back in the day liked to hit them, I don't know why anyone had a five wood or anything with more.loft on it. I had some kind of one iron (Hogan, Ping, or Titleist) in my bag for twenty five years, now I'd grab a hybrid for that shot anytime maybe a three wood from a tee.
better than ecco biom? Fifteen seconds on my feet they had never any shoe like them, I'll wear them anywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: