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Yes, I know about Hollow.  I have friends there as well.  But it's a bit too far north for me. Thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks. I'm familiar with all the extra charges at the clubs.  How are the wait times at Lake Isle?  Rounds fast or slow?  Tough to get a tee time on weekends? My understanding is that for non-residents it's not so easy.
Do you mean that you and some people you know might be interested in joining a club if reasonable? Sometimes, clubs will cut deals if a group of people agree to join.
Thanks for chiming in.  I'm also looking into St. Andrews and Anglebrook.
Hi, I'm new to TST and this summer have been bitten by the elusive golf bug.  I've been playing the public courses around here and now thinking about taking the plunge and joining a club. Wondered if anyone in this area knows which clubs are looking for members and have attractive deals (ie. lowered dues, no initiation, etc.). Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: