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Just shot my best round (93) with no fat pitches thanks to you guys. Shame by game off the tee took a bit of a dive, still some improvement!
I've never hit anyone. My friend hit his own foot when he shanked a shot though!
This is brilliant.
I work as an Engineer too. I quite enjoy it at the moment. My opinion is that if you do something every day, as a job, I think you will invariably get tired of doing it. This may well include golf! In my experience the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Do you want to risk losing your passion for golf? On the money front, when you have a house and a family, I think you will be most pleased to have money. It may seem like you don't need it now. Besides on your...
Thanks for the information. By the sounds of it i need to bring my weight and ball more forward. Do you need to hold your wrist hinge angle through contact with the ball?
Thanks for the information, I'll have to put these into practice the next time I play.
Hi guys, I'm a high handicapper. I hit around 50% of fairways in a round (not always very far!) and about 1-3 GIR, and average 2 putts per hole. I think these stats are slightly inflated as I tend to play the easier courses. Anyway I've noticed that I'm losing a lot of shots when I hit my pitches fat, have any of you guys got any drills or tips that helped you or someone you know stop hitting fats?
This is an interesting discussion. Have you ever wondered why some people pick different things up quicker than others? For example every child has the same amount of math tuition at school (unless they have some private tuition, which is rare), and some children understand the different concepts a lot quicker than other children. Even before the teacher sends them off to do homework. The children that get it quicker than the others have a natural aptitude for it, which...
I am a Manufacturing Systems Engineer making diesel fuel injection equipment. It gives me the time and money to play golf, I'm happy!!
Hi guys, my name is Rick. I've been playing golf for approximately 2 years ever since I had knee injury. I've been taking it a lot more seriously over the past few months and I am now addicted! I've started to track my stats from each round in an attempt to improve my game. I recently posted my best score of 95 on a par 66. I'm looking forward to posting my swing videos and getting tips from you guys. See you in the forum
New Posts  All Forums: