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I find them to be a good  all-round ball, I now use them as a replacement for the Titleist NXT, they are a lot cheaper and I have not noticed any negatives. 
If you average 5 you are doing better than most.   According to the course website the hole averages 5.79 off the White Tees and 5.97 from the yellow.   I am not sure how they get their statistics, but out of 8410 rounds from the whites there have been 792 pars, 3013 bogies, and 4578 double bogies or worse.
I think that I can sum up my complete season with that phrase, I had hoped to drop a couple of shots but I have gone up a full one instead.
I have just realised that I recognise that hole, and I have played it a few times.   At stroke index 1, even low single digit golfers get a shot, so I would dismiss any idea of a Par.   The biggest landing zone is going over the small bush and up towards the yellow bullet point on your diagram, from memory I would not think that your 5 wood is going to get to the fence. Yes you will be a long way from the green and its OOB all the way down the left but at least you are...
I currently carry:   Driver, 3W, 2,3,4H, 5-PW, 50 & 56W   To be honest I am not sure that I need another club.
Todays score was 88:   Out in 40 (37) playing really well but it slid into a poor performance with a 49 (34) on the back nine with a diabolical 3 attempts to get out of the greenside bunker on the 18th.
I started the year at 12.2 with the goal of getting down to 9.5.   As I have slowly dropped back to 12.9 I am going to need a dramatic turn around in the few remaining qualifiers.
I know exactly how you feel Mark, there are about eight of us who play with a small 'winner takes all' pot. A couple of us lower guys always tend to play around our HC but the higher's tend to take it in turns to have a great day and take the cash.
I personally would go for the yellow route as I feel the 100 yard remaining is a good distance for me. It may leave a long two putt for Par but there are some holes that you need to except that Par is a reasonable score.
There were gale force winds over the course this morning so I cannot be too disappointed at a 5 over handicap 89 (Par 71) I even managed a laugh on the SI1 hole when my third shot left me with an 18" tap in for par, by the time I walked up to the green the ball had rolled back another 20 feet and it took me another 3 shots to get up and down. The real bonus was that I stayed focused on every shot. 
New Posts  All Forums: