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Put the no wet stuff on them from home depot it's kick ass
Those would be the ones I apologize by getting then confused
I would
These by Tommy http://m.sportsauthority.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13335942
Yah didn't mean protest my phone auto corrected whatever I was trying to say. I think it was preparing or something that I was trying to say. But you picked them up for how much?
That or they are protesting for the new models. But at 79$ I would snag some are you government employees maybe a additional discount
And I work in a shop incase you were wondering how I know lol
There is a mark up average is 35% give or take. Even on ping we get our pro price. Then blue orange price scale and mark down scale. Ping is by far hardest to discount. Feel free to email or pm me if I can help.
They look appealing, for the price are they worth it? How are they. Saw them fairly cheap at sports authority.
Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: