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Thank you - the forum has been good to me
Thank you -  I needed that!!!! LOL
She surprised me with a Garmin approach S3 GPS watch for my bday this past friday   All I can say is I LOVE THAT WATCH - i was skeptical at first bc i didnt realize they gave more than just front middle and back - this watch give layup distances dogleg distance and will even let you add you own watchouts to each hole.   keeping score is even easy -   Anyone else play with this watch   How does it compare to the others on the market
My last trip was in preparation for my recent Orlando golf trip   I visited Academy sports and purchased new addidas cleats a new towel 3 boxes of Pro V1's   I was covered on clothes since I had my Aveo big and tall wear ready to roll
First we want to say Thank you from Aveo - because of members on this site we have been mentioned on several other popular golfing sites - many times the sand trap was mentioned by name - so again for a new company that means the world   Second I am excited to announce that starting in mid March we will offer additional waist sizes as well as 30" and 36" inseam in our pants   Third  - We have just secured a second large retail distribution deal so will be available at...
Has anyone played this course?   It was gorgeous and in good enough shape (considering i played it almost 2 weeks ago in florida in the midst of a HORRIBLY cold snap)   Please someone tell me that this course also kicked their butt   I normally shoot in the mid 80's and here shot a 98 (now it was freezing low to mid 50's and it was my first time on the course) but man did i get beat down
All. I love the feedback and excited that much of what you are speaking to my company, Aveo, is working on currently. The big and tall apparel space is in need of attention and innovation and we plan to deliver just that. I can easily keep each of you up to speed on our developmenys if you would visit out fb page www.facebook.com/aveogolf and at the top near about us and images you can join our mailing list.
in the hole all I can say is hold on because its coming. I promise
love this. Thank you for the feedback
http://www.golfchannel.com/news/equipment-insider/aveos-comfy-stylish-solution-big-and-tall-golfers/Thanks for the in depth feedback. Im happy to let you know that Aveo shorts and pants will answer most of your concerns. We make it a big point to speak to the fact that you cannot just expand waist sizes and still get a good fit. We have designed out pants and shorts to better fit the big and tall man proportions.Speaking honestly we do not offer stain resistant butwe are...
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