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Under rated equipment..? No, definitely not. I just picked up my new set of VR Pro Combo irons by Nike and they're the nicest clubs I've ever hit. But as always, every brand has fanboys. It was a really tough call between those clubs and the Mizuno MP-4's. Damn those clubs are sweet....
Really? Cause I can definitely tell where and why I mis hit the ball on a bad shot with a blade right away. You can take all the lessons you want, but it's up to you to retain what you learned and practice and play to get better. And that includes learning to identify and correct your own mistakes.
I think an old set of blades is a great way to learn. When you hit a bad shot, you know why immediately. With modern cavity back irons, mis-hits are masked and it's a lot harder to tell what you did wrong. I was using blades when I was a little kid all the way through Junior Golf.    I say hang onto this old set for a while. Practice and play with them until you get fairly good and comfortable hitting them. Then in time, get yourself a new set of modern irons and watch...
There's "that guy" and then there's also "those guys." My buddies and I are definitely "those guys" when we play a non serious match lol.
I have access to a golf mat and net, so I will be using that as much as I can for more swing time. I might also buy another mat for the yard and hit Birdieballs with it.
 Solid advice right there. And no I wouldn't just "quit" my job like that without really evaluating that choice, believe me. If Club Pros were averaging 80-100k a year, then I would really think about it, but it sounds like they make lower than that, especially if they aren't working somewhere with year round golf and not a seasonal course.
I posted asking how to become an Assistant Pro, thanks.
 Ouch, well that sucks. I guess I should have said and enforced "if it's worth it" in my original post since some guys are taking it as "Hey, I'm gunna quit my good paying job and become an Assistant Pro instead." I really thought the assistants made more. Still not sure how much the average Course Pro rakes in but sounds lower than hoped. Oh well.
 Thanks for the life lessons but I really don't need it. I can come up with the same list you did and all the hard schooling and work to go with it. The basis of my whole question is of what is the road leading to a career in golf, AKA being a Golf Professional somewhere. Unfortunately by the rules of the PGA, you have to be an Assistant Pro first. I don't really know what the salary of a Club Pro is, but if rewarding enough, then yes I would consider going for...
Well of course. That's why I'm asking these questions. Like I said, I would never jump ship from my current job or career with a sudden shot in the dark without researching a great deal first. That includes talking to people who already do this for a living. I didn't get where I am now by making "stupid" choices either. The purpose of being an Assistant Pro would to eventually turn Pro, obviously. I just have no idea where to start, and obviously need to consider if the...
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