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shot a 74 saturday, last 3 rounds have been 71,74,74 par 69. Got a visualise of adam scotts footwork the other week and try and emulate in my practice swing till i get a feel, then go for it.
write down what you learnt then if you have a bad time read it and it will feel like going back to basics, works for me sometimes.
54 degree, middle of stance, open body a bit, hands forward, strike down on the ball. 
If you'd known about this when you were a +3 what do you think you would of got to? Id like to see you hit a driver. Keep your head bro im new here too.
Fair play +3 is going at it. Just had a littlen myself so know what you mean. Swing looks so easy to be fair.
So are you +3 handicap
so where is the grip explained? i like the swing, the way you stay down at impact is something i can do.
You give them 3 dates in which you can go in the advanced booking, the system is only open for 3 weeks and we got ours in within 12 hours of opening. There is a ballot but 2 days notice when i live 9 hours away just aint enough plus work. Gonna try again next year but with The Open being there i aint holding my breath. One Day.
Four of us applied for a tee time in the advance booking system for next year 2 months ago...Today we got refused, to say im gutted is an understatement. 
so where did you learn to swing it so well? love the balance you have
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