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Some short game practice today on my lawn hitting pitch shots practicing on hitting my landing spot.
 Link?  I went to a wedding last night and when picking the shirt to wear I went through my closet and came across Trump Signature Collection shirt and decided not to wear it because of the comments he recently made.
 If she craves the amount of public attention that a fair amount of people ITT believe she does, if it were untrue, I don't think she would issue a denial anyway.
Why is it when someone famous does something people don't like and view it as being done because it's PC, they think said famous person did it because their advisors told them to do so rather than because he or she wanted to do it? Maybe due to the current environment Bubba gave some thought about what the flag on his roof represents to some people in a way he never did before and it has led him to take the course of action he has chosen to take.
Putting was the practice today. More practice on bead, although, I could use help on all aspects of putting.
I feel as though I'm hitting them thin and they're going low and going from right to left (I'm right-handed).
Played at a country club today where my friend is getting married tomorrow so likely won't play it again anytime soon.  Not sure why the scorecard said I played the Back Tees but played the Whites which has a CR/Slope of 70.9/125.     But the fact that I had never played it before had nothing to do with the absolutely dreadful back 9 I put up.  It's like I forgot how to hit the ball.  Outside of one drive on 11 that went 273 yards, I had drives of 179, 69, 172, 169, 157,...
 So, there's no new evidence that says otherwise then? 
I feel I earned the badge for this month.
Putting putting putting! Bead bead bead with my practice putting device. I have an outing tomorrow at a country club I've never played before and have been told has some difficult greens. I should probably get there and practice distance control before I play tomorrow morning.
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