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Haha, thanks!
Sorry for your loss.I think most of us on the forum can only hope to be playing golf at a high level until we leave this world.Also, much respect for his service to our country.
Don't I deserve a badge for this, @iacas?:)
Why do you think this is?
It's called Evergreen Public Course (Par 70) and is in Castleton, NY
Well, I inputted the yardage based on my app, rangefinder, and Google Earth. I had a played the course before and noticed that for the most part the posted yardage on the hole wasn't accurate so I decided to find the actual yardage today. There are only two sets of tees, Men's and Women's.Considering the gross disparity between what is posted as the CR/Slope and what the presumed actual should be, how can one go about getting it rectified?
It feels like what, that the CR/SR shouldn't be 68/111 and that it should be 62.6/81?
I posted this in the "What'd You Shoot Today" thread but also wanted to post it here because it's the 3rd time in the last 6 rounds I've shot under 100m including back to back times out!  Two of those rounds took place on a weekend where I had gone 6 weeks without playing due to work.   It's 70 degrees here in Albany NY and I was happy to get out for what is likely the last time this year but I feel as though I'm turning a corner in my decision making and am looking...
New Posts  All Forums: