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 Haha, you would think so.  I myself was wondering where the ice cream truck was while I was playing.  Definitely the reason I put up such a big number on 9. 
Wow, Holly is on this weeks episode of School of Golf.   I wonder how far in advance they tape.
Played 9 holes on a 34.3/109 course and recorded it.   Unfortunately my video card filled up so I couldn't record all of the 8th hole or any of the 9th.   I welcome all critics.  
Here's my V-Log.   I warn you.  If you want to see good golf, this is not the video to watch.   Played 9 holes on a 34.3/109 course.   Unfortunately my video card filled up so I couldn't record all of the 8th hole or any of the 9th.   I welcome all critics.   Enjoy!  
Thanks for this thread.   I have to remind myself of this.   I took some video of myself today and unconsciously I go back as far as I can.   No bueno. 
Played 9 after work today.     Shot 53 on a 34.3/109 course.   Started off one the first hole by pulling my 5 wood and putting the ball into the trees which led to a double bogey (and 3 putted also *rolleyes*) and off the tee on the second hole I topped left and got into some yucky stuff and put up an 8 on a par 4.   Anyway, I recorded most of the holes and will put up a v-log tomorrow in case anyone wants a laugh.   Scorecard:  
 Nice! The first time I broke 100 was on that course last year.
 Maybe in an employers ideal world that might be the case but people have to pay rent/mortgage, eat, etc. I wouldn't doubt that some of those that were let go were using Dick's for their own purposes (maybe waiting for a opportunity at a golf course like you said) just like Dick's was using them for their own purposes (presumably to try and generate additional revenue). To expect an employee that presumably isn't getting paid a lot to put the company's interest ahead of...
In a big corporate company where most employees are faceless names and the company makes decisions without taking employees into consideration, I think the notion that an employee shouldn't put what's best for their careers first and instead put the employers needs above all else is irresponsible of the employee.
So, people should put their employers wants ahead of what's best for their careers?Maybe in a utopian society people would advanced based solely on merit but generally employers aren't making decisions based on what's best for their employees.In other words, in lots of instances both employers and employees are putting their interests first.
New Posts  All Forums: