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 Ahh, well, good luck.  I'm sure feeling better will help your golf game, too.   I'm always amazed by the BMI charts.  According to the chart, at 5'10.5", 175 pounds, you'd be on the border between normal and overweight. The BMI chart considers me obese, yet, what I picture in my head as obese is very different than what I see when I look in the mirror.  Am I overweight, absolutely, but if I get down to 225, I'll just nudge into the overweight category and wouldn't be...
Chamblee seems to blame Como for his short game woes and Notah Begay says it's not that cut and dry.
TGC is interesting sometimes. Arron Oberholser is pretty much saying that Butch Harmon is the only guy that can help Tiger (hat in hand was the phrase used) while Chamblee is like, uhh, no, lots of people are capable of helping him. Talking heads time!
 Very nice, sir!  7 pounds in 11 days is def a sick rate for weight loss.   Do you have a goal in mind or are you just looking for a lifestyle change? I've never seen the Biggest Loser but I did bring up my laptop the other day and put on a movie.  It helped pass the time until I did the crazy 7MPH on the treadmill, then I was just hoping to stay alive, haha. 
 Oh, this should be fun.
 Does that mean I should fly to Vegas and see what the odds of him making the cut next week are? 
 Thanks! (BTW, were you being sarcastic there? ) Apparently he skulled another one. 
Wow, Tiger is tied for last place.  Didn't think I'd see that. 
 See, you confuse people like me when you only put the emoticon at the end of a sentence when you're also sarcastic in the middle of a post with multiple sarcastic comments! 
 I try to use emoticons to try and convey sarcasm. 
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