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Dope thread!
Yeah, but she was being super over dramatic on the first competition of the second day. To be honest, I found it annoying, too.That said, isn't he like 18 or something?
Never realized the average swing speed of the shorter clubs is slower than the longer clubs.
I agree. I don't think he's calculating to that extent.I think he's got a combination of arrogance (it seems he's won a lot of tournaments when he was younger) with an attitude that he's not there to make friends. I think that's because, in his mind, whether consciously or unconsciously, it's easier to beat someone if he hates them.
Is this true?
Yeah, silly me thought with Stupples on the show it would be more of a conversation style rather than Hall being pedantic like he was with Sonders and now is with Brown.
I've never really been able to figure out what works best for me. I did essay I call the baseball batters grip (I'm sure it has an official name but I can't come up with it atm). Then I did a grip like my full swing where the pinky on my trail hand rests on the pointer if my lead hand. Now I have the putter run between my thumb and pinky pads and have the pointer of my lead hand run down the shaft because Michael Breed said I won't accidentally manipulate the face of...
I bought the book when they did the indiegogo campaign and for a while people had to buy via PayPal so I wasn't sure what the proper procedure was.Considering I specifically stated that I was looking to buy another copy, I think there's little ambiguity in what I meant.
So my girlfriend's car was broken into last week and my bag was stolen and in the bag was my book. I'm sure this has been asked already but how can I go about buying another copy?
Watching School of Golf is pretty unbearable now. Martin Hall being annoying and creepy now that Sara Brown is on the show and I find Brown's voice to be super annoying. I did find it funny tha Hall dropped the, "Symetra Tour winner," line on the second show that Brown was on considering the show had Karen Stupples, a major winner on the show, on an interim basis I imagine. I'll probably watch one more episode to see if my feelings change but with Hall being creepy...
New Posts  All Forums: