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 I rarely watched Morning Drive or the show where she speaks with the golfers while playing a few holes, so my scope is pretty much limited to when she was on School of Golf, and, going by that, she certainly didn't show off her, "intelligence."  Maybe it was the role she was in as Martin Hall's partner, but from what I understand, she was a pretty good collegiate golfer, and some of the things that she would say on that show didn't showcase this aforementioned,...
Her intelligence and personality?
Ahh, I understand now.I've always felt like my shoulder runs into my head the backswing. I thought because of my size and lack of flexibility that there wasn't really a way to avoid it.Looking at the comparison, it looks like I should also try and feel like I'm standing straight up rather than swaying back.I just tried to do it a bit and it feels a a little awkward but I'm planning on going to range tomorrow and I'll take another video. Hopefully I'll see some improvement.
If I were Fox, I'd put her on the "worst" game their showing this week.Then again, maybe they don't feel she's ready yet.
 Definitely an asshat. 
 Down enough?  I'm not quite sure I understand.
 This is great, thank you.   I especially like the piece where you said in the video to position my body a bit to the right.    I was noticing yesterday when I slowed down my swing that it seemed at times I was coming into it with a closed face which accounted for the times I was pulling or pull drawing the ball rather than the times I was straight drawing it.  I also hit my 3W a few times off the tee yesterday and noticed that I was also straight drawing that, too.  Do...
Wow, am I having trouble with my driver and hoping to get some help.   The last time I played three weeks ago I was driving the ball well on the front 9 and then on the back started pulling the ball off the tee.   Life got hectic and yesterday was the first time I was able to swing a club since I last played so I went to the range and found myself doing the same thing with the driver.  My irons don't react this way.   Ball flight is low and not going very far and the...
 Maybe to you the religious belief's don't matter but I think it plays a part in it. According to his religious belief's, he took an action which he knew was wrong and by laying with another man's wife, he knows that in the eyes of that who he believes is God, he is intending to cause harm whether it is to his God, the woman, the man, or their children if there are any.
I never agreed I used the wrong word.According to his religious beliefs, laying with another man's wife is wrong and, knowing that, by doing so he is intending to cause harm to others, regardless of the selfishness of his act or whether he thought he'd get away with it.
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