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 Maybe to you the religious belief's don't matter but I think it plays a part in it. According to his religious belief's, he took an action which he knew was wrong and by laying with another man's wife, he knows that in the eyes of that who he believes is God, he is intending to cause harm whether it is to his God, the woman, the man, or their children if there are any.
I never agreed I used the wrong word.According to his religious beliefs, laying with another man's wife is wrong and, knowing that, by doing so he is intending to cause harm to others, regardless of the selfishness of his act or whether he thought he'd get away with it.
Man, you are all over this thread defending DJ, haha. Never knew you were such a DJ fanboy. :pWith him sleeping with multiple tour members wives, especially if he's a Christian, he's intending to hurt someone other than himself through his selfishness regardless of if he thought he was going to get caught.
Yeah, inquiring minds want to know. :)
I don't know how he can sleep with the wives of two other tour players and think that he wasn't going to hurt someone.
 Whoa, blast from the past - go go gadget 80's baseball!
    Ahh, it's always easy to say internet forums are where the haters are found.   I guess he feels it's good for his image to have haters so people can feel sorry for him and give him some attention or money.
Fun step backwards today.   1st hole, par 5, driver into the fairway, 2nd shot just past the bunker and on the lip.  3rd shot bad contact and move the ball 10 yards, 4th shot with a wedge, blade it, add a penalty stroke.  And just for fun on the first hole, put the next wedge shot in the bunker and put up a 10.   59 overall on 9 which included 3 total penalty strokes (only 1 off the tee), and 4 holes in the bunker (5 times in the bunker if you count the one time I...
 Where you going to get fitted?
Whether right or wrong, that's one of things that comes with being a celebrity, politician, athlete, or in the spotlight.
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