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 Here's hoping you do! 
If you have a GHIN account, does that mean you have a USGA account?   I'm not going to lie, I'd do this but I really don't see the benefit of spending $10 to become a member of the USGA because I don't see the upside for me.
 Yeah, but I think most people would do that. Most big name stores, rightly or wrongly, are looking to maximize their profits and aren't looking to do anything else. I know it's not the same but if you go back 100 year or more, most businesses weren't taking into account the human component of their labor force.  Most of them were just out to maximize profits.  It wasn't until laws were passed that the labor force began to be treated better. Business is mostly about their...
 That's not just now.  That's been something that's happened throughout history.
 I think @colin007 should answer this since he's way more familiar with the layout of the course and can do a better job of answering about specific holes. That said, there weren't any greens that stood out to me as in bad condition, if anything, I thought they were in good condition.  Hitting a wedge in and the ball didn't bounce off the greens.  The only thing that really is in bad condition is the bunkers that are hard as a rock but Colin said that's how they normally are.
          You guys are seriously tempting me.    @jamo - Which way do you go through upstate NY?
 Yeah, seems like a slow starter for sure. Normally, I don't hit the range beforehand.  I find it difficult getting there early and spending the extra $10.   Maybe I'll try it the next time I play and see if it has an impact.
 Yeah, we didn't really think about it until we were midway through the back 9. Haha, to be honest, that was my best drive of the day.  Nice, straight, and long. The rest of them were very scary. 
I've bought a couple of golf related items at Dicks but, for the most part, for my retail golf purchases, I go to Golf Galaxy.   I knew Dicks had a pro but the Dicks was in the local mall and I really dislike going to the mall.   The PGA pro at Dicks was nice and all but the fact that the store was in the mall and that it also caters to a bunch of other sports, it makes me more comfortable to go to Golf Galaxy.
 Haha, that's cord attached to my rangefinder. Blame @colin007 - he texted me the evening before and was like, "you want to play tomorrow?" I thought he was on a plane to Italy at the time. However, that said, we do plan on playing again and would be more than happy to set something up if there's an interest. I think he gets back at the end of next week.
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