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Haha, I did this one day when I went to the course because I wanted to do a putting drill wanted to make sure I set it up correctly and only wanted to bring my putter, balls, and tees.
NICE! I once discussed bringing my putter to the office and was told in not so many words that it wasn't a good idea. :(
 You took your clubs to the gym?
 I think the reason why there might be a dress code at an expensive restaurant, club, or party is to give the environment a certain air. Go to a restaurant that requires a tie, slacks, and a jacket for men and slacks or a dress for women and I think they probably want something akin to an air of elegance. Go to a club or party where they don't allow people in with ripped jeans or some other dress code, I think it's likely because they want an environment which promotes...
Did 5 minutes after I got home from the gym last night working with my driver since at the moment, playing wise, it's the most pressing thing.   Then I did 5 minutes this morning before leaving for work because I'm traveling down to the City tonight.
 If he's averaging 303 per drive, he should be sufficiently long.  I'm not sure where this idea that he was a shorty came from.  Maybe just he last episode?
Or, maybe it's just that people don't really care about the history of a game which, until Tiger, catered only to the wealthy and created an air of snobbery.
Just based on the portions of the article that you quoted, I've decided against reading it because it'll just make me roll my eyes. The levels of stupidity are more than I care to handle.Uber fist pumping is apparently a really terrible thing.Will she be rescinding her comments if Spieth makes a commercial where a company has him promoting their product in a direct way rather than subtly by asking folks to not text and drive?I may be doing myself a disservice by not...
GAME GOLF Releases Free App GAME GOLF, the first wearable device that automatically tracks and graphically displays a golfer’s round with valuable game data and statistics, today announced the new GAME GOLF Tracking App enabling Golfers to track their game and club distances in real-time, and manage their game with a built-in GPS rangefinder, all from their iOS or Android device. No purchase of the GAME Golf physical device is required to use the new App. In celebration...
5 minutes done this morning waiting for my gf to get ready.
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