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Yeah, I can see Fox overspending to up their presence in golf and can see that being Feherty's strategy.
So, if you are a woman who lets your husband tell you what to do and when to do it, then are you not a woman?Were a woman not man enough to stand up for herself, is that just as big of a problem?As for me, I've never been married and have no kids. Generally speaking, we inform the other person of the things we want to do to make sure it won't conflict with something already going on that we may have forgotten. My gf knows there's a good chance I'm playing at least one...
Was there a particular reason you included the fact that McKinley was a Republican in your post?I doubt this really had anything to do with needling the Republicans. Changing it back to a Native American name isn't a big deal to me and I don't believe it's a heavy lift he's expending political capital on. To be honest, there really wouldn't be a good time to do it over the course of the less than a year and a half of his presidency.
Which goes to what I said earlier, what might be an important or troubling issue to one person doesn't necessarily mean it is to another person or that it supersedes other issues on the scale of importance to the nation.
Haha, he pulled all of them!
In the previous segment he said he spent a good amount of time watching Seve and then came to this revelation.Well, I'm using his words and they are words he probably doesn't have to use. This might be ground-breaking for some, but if it's only for some then it's not the correct usage of the word.
I love Michael Breed's show because you never know what he's going to say.
 Again, perhaps to you, depending on what your definition of "ruin the country," and how wide or limited that definition is. I don't doubt that to many fiscal and foreign policy issues are their gravest concerns but I also don't think that just because those individuals believe that that it makes it truth.
 I completely disagree with this.   Social issues might not be big issues to you or as important as fiscal and monetary ones but their importance is somewhat dependent on what point of view you're looking at them from.  To some, they're equally as important and to minimize one over the other could speak more as to which rung you might be on a hypothetical ladder for each issue.
 Thanks for the kind words and thanks again for the analysis. From what you've shared with, I wasn't surprised that I'm losing a ton of strokes from the full swing considering I'm not as comfortable as I was with the driver and am only feeling a bit more comfortable now with my irons.  It's somewhat eye opening that my short game isn't bad.  I guess I have a friend who, when I first started, seemed to me to have a really good short game whereas mine was terrible as I...
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