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 As if fair had anything to do with the show. 
A few with my 6 iron and driver working on Key #4.    
 Oh, one of the first times out last year I shot a 132 and then shot a 135 on the same course two weeks later that is rated 70.9/124. I'm sure I had a bunch of penalty strokes as I had 10 and 11 holes respectively where I shot more than triple bogey on a hole.  And the reason I played the holes out is because I played money to play on the course and I wasn't holding anyone up (my friend who played with me on those days is huge into pace of play). I'm sure no one wants to...
 Yeah, most of us that have jobs don't have the luxury of playing 5-6 days a week. 
This is a great thread and thoroughly enjoying it.    Gives me hope to shoot in the 70's or 80's one day even though I started playing last year in my late 30's.
 Can't wait!
So, I was supposed to play my first round of the year today but my buddy cancelled so couldn't make it. However, going to try and get out Thursday and a bit nervous about how I'll do and see how the swing change I made will impact my scoreing.
Same here. I hit a drive last year downhill that went 260 but I'd never delude myself into thinking that's the norm.A really good friend of mine asked me if my drives average 280 or so because I'm a bigger guy. I told him I wish and informed him I probably average about 200 and he thought I was being modest. Haha
Yeah, my gf is a Pats fan and railed me hard when Revis signed with the Pats.Revis has been my favorite Jet this century. Might actually root for the Pats in the 14 regular season games this year.
New Posts  All Forums: