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Well, unless she knew Katy to be a choke artist then she was wrong because Katy had her dead to rights.Personally, I think she picked Katy because she thinks the men have an advantage over the women in the competition. If memory serves, Katy hasn't played badly to that point.
Very late to this thread but in both instances he was gifted a pass to the next show.IIRC, the first elimination challenge he was in was when Emily (who dominated) and the Austrian girl picked him and the Austrian girl couldn't hit a shot to save her life.The second time just happened with Christian and anyone who saw the show knows how much of a gift Christian gave him.Jimmy has skated so hard.Personally, I'm rooting for Anthony or Emily. Anthony seems to play with a...
I understand that but for the sake of finding an avenue to obtain funding to continue his project, playing someone, even if he has a 2-3 handicap (which I don't believe) to a tie or gambling on who might win by a hole or two isn't the most conducive method to obtain funding.Even if he played @Pretzel at a handicap that lets say @iacas thought was accurate and fair, it still wouldn't be conducive to the goal of raising money to continue his, "project."
Yah, it seems the iStimp isn't very accurate. Too bad because I would have loved to have found a similar app for my Android device to use at my local courses since most of the time I ask about the stimp they respond that they don't know. I remember for my AimPoint class this summer the instructor demonstrated a way to get the stimp without a stimpmeter but at the moment, I don't recall how.
Theoretically, that's what playing tournaments should do.Gambling against you (or any unknown entity) is generally a -EV proposition for Dan with respect to raising money to continue his, "project."The best way I can see him raising money by playing others is a modification of Erik's idea whereby, for example, if he charged a threesome say $1,000 to play a round, whomever from the threesome beats him would get a $150, "prize," or something as such. If there were an...
How do you figure this is a +EV proposition for Dan?Nothing against @Pretzel because I'm presuming he wouldn't do this but by doing this, Dan opens himself to be hustled. This would certainly be so if he does this as a standing offer which would likely have to be the case should Dan play Pretzel.Dan should be looking to raise money not risk it by gambling unless it's a series of +EV wagers and he can financially handle an initial downswing.
Maybe it's because I find her annoying on, "School of Golf," but I don't even think she's really good looking.Everything from her personality to the sound of her voice (which I realize she can do little about) just makes her very unappealing to me. She just comes across to me as an airhead.Different strokes...
He should consider setting up somewhere on his page a, "play a round of golf with me," and charge like $1k to get some funds. They say that there's a sucker born every minute.
I don't find Sara Brown that attractive. Def downgrade from Holly, IMO.
I have heard of this grip but haven't had much luck finding pictures of it on the internet. Does anyone use this grip and can tell me the benefits of using it and maybe post some close up pictures of it so I can get a sense of what it looks like?
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