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 Thanks!  What are you now, 258?    Thanks, sir!  Haha, well, depending on when you started, you're probably way ahead of me.  Starting at 215 would have been awesome for me.  If you don't mind my asking, how tall are you?  Wow, another 30 pounds.  I'm not sure when the last time was that I was sub 200.  Wonder if I'd look emaciated, haha.  I try and workout 3 days a week, M/W/F but lately the Rangers playoff run has gotten in the way somewhat.  I have a push day, leg day,...
Sick as a dog but still got my 5 minutes in this morning.  More of my full swing practice.  I'm not sure how much good it did, though, since I'm feeling lethargic today.  Getting sick sucks.
I began my weight loss journey from a starting point of 277.4 pounds on December 8 and five months and twenty days later, I jumped on the scale on this morning and saw this:     So, one of my goals down.  Onward!
My 5 minutes this morning was more of the same, getting to A4, bowing my wrist and laying the club down.  However, this morning when I got to A6, I pumped the club and did a full speed swing to see how I do about getting my hips and weight forward while keeping my head back at the A10 and it felt reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllly good.  I almost felt like a golfer.  
 Really? I'm surprised that it didn't help you discern the feel of the slope.
   Haha, I should have done Monday. Did I? Nope. Hit 3 balls.  Found the third one, but when you're approach shot to the green is your 6th shot, there's a good shot you're going to hit your ESC anyway (which I did).
I'd try it but I probably wouldn't use it consistently as I like walking courses.
 Where in Central NY was this?
 Haha, I think @Golfingdad knows I only kid the ones I like.   I maybe going the other way - from spending 90 to going to 65%, haha.
 Well, you're all a lot more knowledgeable about that stuff than I am so I'll let you all figure it out.  For the first time yesterday I tried calculating my 1RM while working out.  I probably should have calculated by 1RM separately from my workout but I wanted to get a workout in and also figure out my 1RM without having to wait.  So, what I got was a mix of weights and reps but I think I have a sense of getting the figure to calculate my 1RM, at least, for my push...
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