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Oh, I was kidding about that...sorta, haha.
It seems to me like that would be more like a quick fix for maybe in round play rather than fixing the root issue.
Ahh.Well, if I don't fix this soon my golf season will be over for the year, haha. :(
Sadly, yes, along with my super low ball flight, I've developed a huge pull, too.They were terrible like they were the last time I played on the back 9 in early July.
Oh, man, so I need help. So, I played a round on July 3rd and on the front 9 I was hitting my driver like I normally do and then on the back, all of a sudden, I got no lift with it and at most my drives were going 150 yards. I played 9 holes three days later and the same. Life got hectic (hence why I haven't been around much) and only calmed down Friday and this was the first opportunity to go to the range and record myself. I'm hoping I might get some advice as to...
Laura Kueny stayed with me again this year and I was able to watch most of her round today. I wonder what Peter Kostis would say about her swing. According to the Tour website, she is ranked 24th in average drives at 256.6 yards, however, I saw her bomb a few of them between 265-280 today. For a girl that is 5'2" and weighs around 100 pounds, that's impressive to me. The first one is driver from the 8th hole and the second is an iron from the Par 3 18th (which is...
Shannon Fish was kind enough to take a picture with me today. (I'm such a Big Break fanboy.)
No, I literally had just finished when I put up the post but I'll write something up the weekend is done.And I'll def tell her my internet golf friends
So, the Symetra Tour is back in Albany this year and I just finished caddying for the first time. It was fun and I get to do it again tomorrow. The player I caddied for didn't do so well (+4) but in the group was Emily Tubert from Big Break Myrtle Beach. After her round she was in good spirits (might have been because she is 1 or 2 off the lead) and she agreed to take a picture with me after I shamelessly asked her to. :)
Vladimir Lenin...revolutionary,Benedict Arnold...traitor?
New Posts  All Forums: