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  I thought there was if caused by a burrowing animal?  Do the rules specify just how you make that determination?  What do you do if one says that's caused by a burrowing animal and your partner says no way?  Maybe that's why some think the rules should include relief from someone's divot.  Nothing in the rules says anything about "with the good must come the bad", are you just making that part up? Which is a very good reason why if relief from someone's divot were a part...
That is true, the question mark is there because I don't know what my handicap is, never officially determined it. There was another thread where the question about where to drop a ball that went into a water hazard.  The guy said where he wanted to drop it 2 of the 4 players said "no, farther back" and one agreed with his decision.  He dropped where the 2 said he should.  Was he breaking the rules?  I think what the other players playing with you think is more important...
In my opinion I would say no that is not a divot deserving of relief.  I would not ask for relief from such a lie.  If 2 others playing with me disagreed and said the guy hitting there deserved relief then he can have it and I won't cry about it either.
How you want to define what is or what is not a divot is an entirely different issue or question.  The fact that many golfers including pros and PGA tour professionals feel the same as I do does not make us wrong and your silly picture does not change that.
No, I personally share this PGA Coordinator's feelings.......In my opinion, if your ball lands, in your own fairway (not “through the green”) and it lands in a divot, filled with sand or au natural, the rules should treat it as ground under repair. Drop within one club length or one score card length or directly adjacent to the divot, whatever, no nearer the hole .
Also based on the final sentence of this PGA Tournament Coordinator, "But in the future, if I land in a divot in my own fairway, I may claim a very local rule, D.U.R. (Divot Under Repair)" that such rules obviously do still exist.   I also think that if someone has determined their handicap on just such a course that it is certainly as accurate as doing so on a course that does not have such a rule.  If someone has taken relief from a divot 1 time over the last 20 rounds...
  Obviously there are those that are very knowledgeble about the rules of golf that think relief from someones divot should be a part of them.  I've posted a couple including Payne Stewart.   They know what the rules are but that does not mean they are "wrong" for feeling the way they do.  If they were claiming that "you can", that would be wrong.  If they are claiming that "you should", that would simply be their opinion of the rule and it is obviously shared by many, not...
That is unless it's GUR, or on the green, or a burrow caused by an animal or any other number of reasons one of which should be the negligence of another golfer.
So local rules did at one time allow for the seeded divot rule even if common sense does not prevail in your rule book. A seeded (or otherwise) divot relief rule is no longer allowed yet local rules declaring what is ground under repair is acceptable.  A local rule stating that all divots are ground under repair accomplishes the same thing.  
Yes Payne, it does make perfect sense.
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