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yeah that's my fault, i don't know if i overlooked his post with the link or what, but i went through it and i've got it down now, sorry about that, and thanks for the help everyone!
played the course today, i glanced down at the stakes so i could report back, and they were yellow...   despite worrying about the water even more after looking at the stakes and thinking about where i'll need to drop it, i stuck the ball 10 feet from the hole and putted for birdie!! haha   that being said, i don't see that being the norm, and foresee much more water shots lol.. if they're staked yellow how do i proceed?
quick question on water hazards as i have particular trouble with a hole on my regular course.  it's a par 3 with the tee elevated above the green, which is surrounded by water.  about 50% of the time i'm hitting my first shot into the water, how do i play it correctly from there?  do i drop up near where it went into the water and would i be shooting 3 from there? thanks for the help, i'm trying to get the rules down before i start playing to a handicap!
hi everyone my names michael burton and i'm from southern illinois.  been playing off and on since i was about 9.  just recently picked the game back up and even more recently decided to start taking my game more serious and really try to improve.  I've been lurking this site for it's great information for about a year now.  i couldn't help but start posting after noticing how friendly and helpful all these member are!  i'm excited to be apart of such a great online golf...
I've been an underground coal miner for the past 5 years, but i'm currently taking classes online to try and finish my degree so i can eventually move onto something a little safer and easier on my body.
oh yeah i definately agree. that used to be a major problem for me, refusing to punch out or take a safe shot.  i was constantly trying to make shots way out of my skill level right now.  it's amazing the difference it makes when you really make an effort to play high percentage shots.
thanks for the congratulations, it definately feels good.  really looking to keep my score consistently around there as i'm shooting for my official handicap.  really excited to straighten out my long shots, i hit a few great ones.. just inconsistent right now.  i really focused on keeping penalties to a minimum and it paid off. 
shot a 50 on the front 9, and a 46 on the back 9 for a 96.. hope i continue to creep towards breaking 90
shot a legit 96 today! pretty excited about it, inconsistent driving and long irons were made up by a better short iron and putting game.
ok great, i'm pretty clear on everything now, thanks again!
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