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Thanks for all of the replies! A lot of helpful information that I probably would have learned the hard way. I'm going to go check out some push carts this weekend I think also.
After a recent curiousness to try it, furthered by reading through the walking vs. riding thread.. I've decided to make the switch, purchase a carry bag and walk whenever possible. I'm looking for any helpful advice you guys might have that you've learned over the years. Such as: any additional things to purchase or what I should bring in general to be best prepared. Also, anything different in regards to etiquette. (Minus the obvious let faster cart players through if...
as far as getting in the best shape and preparing before ever showing up to the course, basic supplementation.  I've been powerlifting for the past 3 years, and there's a few staple supplements that i feel are helpful as far as aiding recovery and helping muscle growth/fat loss.  there's sooo many supplements that are nothing but hype, so i've found it's best to go with the main supplements that are proven to be effective.   right now i'm taking:   - 120-180g of whey...
welcome to the site!  you're only about 2 hours from me, i live in marion in southern illinois down by SIUC
Definately some pretty interesting and eye opening responses.  Maybe this is just way more common than I realized.  This is just speculation, but maybe eye dominance plays a part in what side people swing from? (cricket, baseball, golf?)  
i couldn't do that to him @Ernest Jones.  I got back into golf so him and I could share something together since he's retired now.  We call each other about 4 times a week to talk golf still. :)
i wonder how much the availability of left handed clubs, especially in the early stages of learning the game when most people use whatever is available to them, affects what side they play from.  it's an odd phenomenom to me, because there are distinct advantages in some sports to playing one side, or being able to play both, while others it seems to me is pure preference.   example: i dabbled with mixed martial arts, and boxing in particular a few years ago.  I...
haven't read the whole thread, but i somewhat understand this decision, SOLELY based on my personal experience with Dicks.  I worked there about 6 years ago unloading trucks and filling in occasionally in different departments during the day.  This could be an isolated situation, but the PGA pro at my store was hardly even in the golf department due to understaffing. Granted, he was experienced in retail and helpful to the store on a large scale, so i understand why this...
You make a great argument @Hardballs lol   However, i think i'd have to go with a 2v2 matchplay scenario   team 1: Myself, Tiger team 2: Father, Brother   of course all wagers would be made before my partner showed up, and i'd be smiling all day.
welcome to the site!  I just recently started posting here too, after lurking for awhile.  it's nice to share an enthusiasm with people other than your dad.  (that's who i talked golf with before joining too) 
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