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Hello duffedit,   Your swing looks good. What do you, duffedit. Mean by Plane ?   Thanks in advance for your reply.  
Thank you Ernest
Thanks for the input guys and gals. Interesting to say the least.   "Spine Angle",  didn't mean it so much as a  golf term. Only, If I look at you eye to eye and you ..lets say reach down and scratch your knee you create spine angle. It is spine angle. From any view. Ok, no tilt toward the target.  Good., Solid.   Hey, no worries, just trying to understand.   Another confusing area to me is:   The club moving to the right in the downswing, Is it your premise that...
New to this site and enjoying the post. The home page mentions Dave, D.O.I. and your other instructors teach a physics and geometry based method. Assuming this has roots with Bennett and Plummer. I looked at your students, Their students and even the instructors golf swings. I am confused as to what is geometrically a correct Spine Angle that face on view of Righthander:   At Address : Spine Angle looks like,    I  (straight ) In Back Swing : Looks    / ( Tilted Left...
Make for tour players ? What players ? What tours ?
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