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Certainly look like the Ping Eye 2.  
I see Stonewall already made it.
Stonewall Golf Links - Elverson PA   I couldn't find a larger logo.
Now that was an awful movie from the 80's.
The New Spicy Sweet Chili Doritio's are awesome.
2nd that!  pictures please.
Watched Iron Eagle last night, was released in 1986, wow almost 30 years ago.  I give it a par because of Lou Gossett Jr.  who is actually pretty good in such a corny film.   So many movies from the 80's, adults can't do anything so the kids have to rise up against the no nothing adults to get something done.  As long as you can dispel belief, it has some entertaining parts.  Who doesn't like to watch F-16's in dogfights and bombing the bad guys.  Oh the movies from my...
My new club arrives in a couple of days, I'm still using the demo club.  What I find really amazing is that even with the 12 degree loft, I hit this with a lower ball flight than my 9.5 degree Titleist 913 driver. And i actually get more roll from the trajectory, hit it with a nice draw.  I too took out my 62 degree out of my bad to carry this.  I can hit this off the deck with little problem.  It is far more accurate than my driver, although I lose about 20 yards when I...
Down to 5.6 from 6.7 and trending to 5.4   Now I just have to be more consistent.  Although the 72 in the tournament round was nice.
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