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I play the Mizuno MP-4's, I've been playing nothing but Mizuno Irons since 2001, starting with the MP-14's, going to the MP-30's and then back to the MP-14's and ultimately the new MP-4's.  I just love the way the irons look when addressing the ball and they have a feel when you hit them correctly, that I haven't found in other irons.
Played Hunters Creek and you were finitely spot on, although Orange County National has just bought them. Both Crooked Cat and Panther Lake were awesome. They were $39 after 2:30 and if your an Orange County resident it was 29 for my Dad. I would play those two courses again for sure. 78 Hunters Creek, 41-37 blue tees, 72.7, 127, 6856 81 Crooked Cat, 41-40, orange tees, 73.7, 137, 6927 78 Panther Lake, 41-37, orange tees, 73.2, 132, 6849 Played TPC Cancun today, great...
Hey Dave,You probably could talk me out of that course but my Dad likes the course, being a novice golfer he loves it.
I'm playing in Orlando next week.   Have a tee time for Hunter's Creek on Sunday and both Orange County National courses on Monday (Crooked Cat) and Tuesday (Panther).
Saturday A-Team Match at Springfield Golf & CC 38-40-78 (71, 70.6,128) 5 FIR 10 GIR 33 putts   Sunday 37-39-76 (71, 70.6,128) 5 FIR 7 GIR 30 Putts (Had two zero putts, holed out from 60 Yards for eagle on Par 4 8th hole and chipped in for birdie on Par 3 13th hole)
I can't make it now, my fiance's aunt just went into the hospital, they don't know if she is going to make it through the night, we may head to head up to Johnstown,PA tomorrow if she don't make it. Sorry for bailing so late. Jerry
37-36-73 Springfield Golf & CC Blue Tees Par 70 (3rd hole being played as par 3 until late April, new fairway needs to come in better after harsh winter) 69.9/127 6,255 6 FIR 13 GIR (8 Front/5 Back) 31 Putts (19 on Front (all 2 putts and 1-3 putt) and 12 on back (1 chip in, 4-1 putts)) 2 birdies
Sounds good
Signature at West Neck is great course, and if you don't mind a drive Bay Creek in Cape Charles VA has two courses, a Nicklaus and Palmer. I only played the Palmer Course but it was very nice.
Just signed up will give it a whirl once the snow goes away.  
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