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Two years I got to play golf on Maui.   Kapalua the Plantation Course - might be my favorite course I've played Dunes at Maui Lani Wailea Emerald  -Very nice Pukalani Country Club   This April of all goes well, going to Kauai.
38-39-77 68.9, 127 6,255 One double, 2 three-putts, best round in a while for me. 
The Walking Dead (Still the Best!) Arrow Sleepy Hollow Grimm Gotham The Flash Gracepoint The Musketeers (BBC)
Best one I think I ever saw was this year, back early summer.  One of our members who almost never plays, except to hit balls and watch himself hit in front of a mirror.  He does push-ups on the range, triceps dips using the only bench at the range and is just a unperson-able guy.  And he dresses and acts like he should be a pro.  I've seen him on the range and he looks like he has a decent swing.   So I was going out on the course and I caught up to him and another...
I too liked the Plamer course at Reunioon the least, the other two courses are excellent. Probably liked the Watson a hair better but either one of those are top notch.
Working on a more neutral grip instead of my previous strong right hand grip. As well as trying to move away from the shallow inside out swing path to cure my shank and or severe hook issues.
Here's one I had never head of before, but happened in a junior tournament last week.   Two Competitors A & B are on the green.  B's marker is in the way and A asks him to move mark.  B says no and walks away, are you allowed to move the mark and then put it back?   The kid in the competition putted around the marker, I think i would've moved it.
Titleist 714 AP2 4-AW Irons
I'm with David, both Orange County are top botch. Play them every time I go to Orlando to visit parents.
I play the Mizuno MP-4's, I've been playing nothing but Mizuno Irons since 2001, starting with the MP-14's, going to the MP-30's and then back to the MP-14's and ultimately the new MP-4's.  I just love the way the irons look when addressing the ball and they have a feel when you hit them correctly, that I haven't found in other irons.
New Posts  All Forums: