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Kauai Lagoons 43-40-83 6600 Yds 73.5/135 Ugly day in the windy conditions, nice course though. Very tough. Makai Golf Club 37-37-74 6100 Yds 69.6/125 Awesome course, beautiful layout. Loved he course, much easier from the white tees. 4 birdies, 1 double, 2 - 3 putts Makai Golf Club Blue Tees 43-39-82 6496 Yds 71.4/127 Rained at beginning, no roll and windy. Tough conditions, 3 doubles in front 9. Still love the course. On way to play replay round for the day.
Sierra Nevad Torpedo
Really liked Poppy Ridge.
On Episode 7, this is a great show.
6.9 and trending down
Haven't had a chance to post. Waiting in airport for flight to Kauai. 4/11 Half Moon Bay Old Course 6610 72.8/128 40-42-82 Birdied one and parred 18, everything else was a struggle for the day. Coure is nothing special but 18 was awesome. 4/1 Chardonnay Golf club 6568 71.8/131 38-41-79 Had 3 birdies, course knowledge would've been nice. Made two doubles, by losing balls into the Vineyard that I didn't see from tee. Played pretty well though. Really liked this course,...
Watched 1st episode of Daredevil rocked!
Can't wait for some Pliny the Elder
Or Kayakers I mean...
Yup, still have the Kayak's waiting for balls
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