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I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330-RX golf balls.   Dustin Johnson -17 Marc Leishman - 12 Steven Bowditch - 12  
Def Leppard still rocks, Styx is still awesome and Tesla is still one of my favorite bands!
With my Vegas trip, I am now up to 286.
Will do playing tomorrow.
I'm with you, after the second ace on the 10th hole, which would not be able to be seen by players on the 11th tee, you would think a lot of people would've come and watched. Guy is supposed to be phenomenal but still hard to believe.
Spoke to several more people who have played these events and say he is a standup guy, still having a hard time believing it. I've played Laurel Hill many times and have driven the 7th and been in the green side bunker on 10. But three aces, this was all over our course the last couple of days. Even made the Washington Post. Laurel Hill is about 15-20 minutes from our course. Great course
We don't have ride along fees at our course, but that is probably like most Country Clubs. However, I think it is bad business at most courses unless it is a full tee time schedule. No if the person is taking up a spot I can see it but any other time, what difference does it make. The fee that gets me is cart fees are done per person. If I take a cart alone it is one price. If two people are in the cart it is double the cost. I know this is a good revenue stream for the...
won a gift card to Callaway, couldn't think of anything else to buy, grabbed one of these to use until I get a chance to get fitted for the Edel Wedges. Got it in the mail last night, sharp looking club. 58/10
I voted no for CB, but I'm all for going to different courses them the same ole same ole. But there are probably lots of courses that don't want to give up their course for the Open.
Down .2 to 7.2 but I'm starting to play better, so hopefully it drops more
New Posts  All Forums: