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I wouldn't wear it, but someone like my daughter who isn't in to the "preppie" clothing (so she says) would probably wear something like this.  Makes her feel more like an individual then just trying to fit in with her Dad's crowd.     I also have a tatoo (only one for now), but also have a Master's degree in Civil Engineering.  I have one of those switchblade divot tools too.   
I've been a CC member for many years now, not changing any time soon.
I'm with you on the yardages, those are pro type distances, maybe some are even further. 
Recommendations for golf courses in San Leandro area of CA?
If all you see are high heels..........LOL
Now that most of my shows are in hiatus (although Gotham and Sleepy Hollow just started again), I just watched all of the Marco Polo episodes on Netflix and have caught up on Forever on ABC.     Marco Polo, is pretty good, lots of nudity, large battles and cool martial arts scenes.  Lots of complaints about it not being historical enough (it's fiction) or the Asian Game of Thrones, whatever, I'm not looking for Citizen Kane in my shows and I don't think it is really like...
I always finish, have never quit no matter how bad I've played or started.
I'm with your buddy, The clown mouth and windmills were definitely missing from that course.
Thanks to all for your suggestions. Clambake I'll pm you when it gets closer and I see what my lovely fiancé wants to play.
I also have the capability to get on these private courses? Anyone played any of these?   The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo ($110 -$120) De Anza Country Club  ($110) Pauma Valley Country Club ($125) St. Mark Golf Club ($40) StoneRidge Country Club ($100)
New Posts  All Forums: