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 Works for me!
 Substitute Teacher was hilarious, always wondered where A-Aron came from, now I know.  
Comedy Central show, never heard of them
A course with no par 3's.  
You mean beaver pelts?   I've been told my divots are the size of Rhode Island
Here's one that happened in a tournament I was playing in recently.  We are on  a par 5, red stakes both sides of the fairway.  However on the right side of the fairway, the red stakes are only around a small section of wetlands.   I'm playing in a fourball tournament and the guy in the opposing twosome, hits his ball into the right side of the woods, into the hazard.  I'm on the left side of the fairway against the hazard but not in.  I chip my ball back out to the...
who the heck are key and peele?
That's what the Jets do every season look up in the standings
I just did a search online it like old like it is 5-10 years
I've never had an issue playing the older edition golf balls, not sure what the shelf life is though
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