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Would love play Pastatiempo, not sure I want to spend that much.  Maybe we will the next time we come out.   Since Saturday afternoon is the only day we'll have to play, we'll probably stick close to San Leandro.  So I'm leaning towards these three courses.   Half Moon Bay - Old Course (I want to play that 18th hole) Monarch Bay - Lema Course TPC Harding Park   Then going to Napa on one day and will play one of the Napa courses, as we are meeting some friends at a...
 What him say! 
Except I'm not sure they play the true women's tees, I think they play a melding of the different tees, but I do think that a really good scratch golfer would hold their own on the LPGA tour.  At the current LPGA tournament in Thailand, even par would be good enough Tied for 42, and most of the ladies driving average is 250-ish, some lower a couple high.  but a good scratch golfer I think would probably be 30+ yards further.  The course in Thailand they are playing is...
Mark Hubbard was disqualified from The Honda Classic after his opening round because he didn't register for the tournament.   Details on this procedure are likely to be shared later, but the rookie was a late entrant when Louis Oosthuizen withdrew this morning.   Weird that he wasn't registered, aren't you already registered if you are on the alternate list?
Did the Insanity Workout!  
I heard the Sky Mall was going bankrupt?
Snowing again in Virginia.  Yuck!
I remember them all as well, for most rounds I can remember where I hit the ball, what kind of lie I had, what club I hit.  I can even go back to a course I haven't played in years and can remember what I did on each hole.   I can even remember my playing partners shots after rounds as well.
I'm going to a conference in VA Beach from the 13-17. Not sure I can swing it, supposed to play Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club on Sunday and The Signature at West Neck on Monday.
Which course do you think had the better layout?
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