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Another 72 on Pinehurst No. 1 34-38-72   Played with the same Snell Ball as yesterday,  still no worse for the wear.  really pleased with the ball, off to Pinehurst No. 6.
I too played my first round with the My Tour Ball, we ended up on Pinehurst No. 1 due to a weather delay which made the No. 5 course not be available due to an earlier event. But I'm impressed with the ball, it performed as good as any ball I've played, I used one ball all day and it doesn't even look like I hit it other than just my marks have worn off a little.   Shot 33-39-72 Hit 12 greens, 10 Fairways, 2 birdies.  Now the course is not very hard and very short (Par 70,...
Here are the golf balls I received, these will be getting a workout starting tomorrow.  I'll be leaving for Pinehurst tomorrow morning.   Playing No. 5 on Thursday Playing No. 1 on Friday  Playing No. 6 on Saturday  Playing Southern Pines on Sunday Playing Talamore on Monday  
I missed last years outing, any thoughts on doing another one?
Count me in
 I haven't done 5 balls, but have played 4 balls at one time and kept score for all of them.
Just got back from Stoneleigh, great shape.  Had a good time. As for Landsdowne I liked the course,there were definitely a couple of holes that didn't do much for me but overall a good layout and fun to play, especially since we got to play for cart fees only.  Greens were in good shape, fairways in some places were rough.  Shot 80 on Saturday and 76 on Sunday.  
36-44-80 WTF The Golf Clb at Landsdowne RTJ II course 71.5/139 Went par, birdie, par, birdie, eagle , par (lipped out birdie) on front 9 after bogey, bogey and double bogey start. Won my match 5 and 4 and then went par, double bogey par and double bogey
Playing the Landsdowne RTJ Course today, have never played it, looking forward to checking this course out.  Have played the Norman course, which was OK, but heard the original course was better.
It was interesting how I came to the hybrids.  I had the shanks on any club over a 7 iron all last year, did a couple of lessons and just couldn't get rid of them.  I was playing with a friend of mine (he is a 9 handicap) and we were on a par 3 that was about 185, took out my 5 iron and shanked it dead right.  Hit a second ball, same place.  He gives me his 5 hybrid and I knock it 10 feet from the pin.  Best sell job ever.   Next thing you know, I buy hybrids and can't...
New Posts  All Forums: