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I have a really good short game and I'm not a bad putter.  So it's a toss-up for me.  Maybe get fitted for both and buy one early in the season and the other later in the season. plus the guy I will go to the fitting is a pro at Congressional, so that won't be a poor place to hang out for a few hours.
You got to it before I asked iacas to move it
A group I played with many moons ago, did the closest to the pins on the 3's and 5's.  And for our group it was always the third shot on a par five for the closest to the hole.  If you were on in two and the other person was on in three, you better be able to get closer with your putt then they did with their wedge.
Winds of Texas are kicking the Pro's butts!  Only two players under Par.  5 over is T35.
Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls - found one a while back, really liked it.  Bought a dozen for $13.50 through Amazon, giving them a whirl today on the Course.  
For the TST'ers who have both:   Would you buy a series of the wedges (say 3) or the putter if you could buy one now?   I was thinking that the wedges should probably be the first and then the putter later.
oops put the other one in the wrong thread.     Insanity Cardio & Resistance
I used to know a guy who would spit heavily on his ball for downhill putts (to slow down his putts).  He was the Owner of the golf course I used to play, so I never said anything to him, but I wouldn't play him for money.
 Have you ever used VRBO?
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