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So you went from hitting your 7 iron from 175 yards to 105 yards huh? Seems to me you are trying to learn about the mechanics of a golf swing. I'm sure you have never hit any iron in your bag 175 yards. Definitely not your 7 iron. You don't have to make up numbers to impress anyone here. Just be honest and ask questions. Your distance will come. Just practice. Get with someone that can teach you the right way to swing. You can hit a thousand balls a day but if your...
I prefer to play alone at times. When it's just you on the course early in the morning it's so peaceful. It really gives you time to clear your head, relax and enjoy the game in a different way.
Yes the US DOJ does. A lot of my co workers play.
I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I just started playing golf this summer and fell in love with the game. I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from fellow golfers.
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