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Thx - going to try this this afternoon. Having a pro lesson there migth be (surely) some other input. we'll see.
Was at the Range yesterday and figured out, that the "V" of my right hand was pointing at my left shoulder (I'm right-handed). Indeed it is surely one of the problems causing the loss of distance (now, i gained 20-30 yards rotating the V to point at my right shoulder).   What happend? I tried to explain myself why the grip caused the loss. - First, the backswing is surely not in plane (but this is not a big loss for my understandings, sure it is, but not that much) -...
Hei   I'm struck.   Had a occasionally fade/slice playing my irons and decided to go to the pro to fix that. Changed my swingplane to inside-out, swingthougt : hit a hook, improved the release to curve the ball in, aiming right to the target. Good. For a few days.   Now I got the biggest down since ever.... my shots lost about 45yards per iron. this means: i got about 120 yards for my P-Wedge, now I'm back to 70-80.... feeling like a noob. Driver and woods are...
Hei again, some good points&hints. thx for the moment. I would love to know, if someone tried to put a bag in a A5/S5/RS5 coupé (not sportsback... don't like it, and no cabrio (still not living in florida)). Thx.
Thx for your answer Jerry.
thx. I had a look, but I don't like the form. Maybe i should ask otherround: What kind of experience do you have with those cars, do they have enough space for the bags without pushing the seats? - Porsche Cayenne - BMW x5 - Audi Q5 - Audi s5/rs5 - Volvo XC60 - Volvo XC90 Please only answer if you tried those in this exact situation. Thx C.
it looks nice, thx. this kind of car is not really sold here in switzerland (for the moment only 1 in the occasion-pool), and the support is kind of poor... other tips?
Hei there one question: do you guys out there have any tips for a car which fits golfers needs best? this means, enough place to put at least 2 bags in the back without pushing the seats down, at least 240 hp and which also have a good look? was thinking about a cayenne turbo s, but this monster drinks more than english supporters.... any tips R welcome, thx C.
 I downloaded the app "Tour Tempo, Total Game" and tried it out yesterday. It is definitely worth trying it and the results - for 2 hours practice - is good, it gives me a good feel and could bring my game to a next stade. The biggest win with this method is - for my point of view - that you learn to swing all clubs/woods with the same swing speed.Thanks to all of you for your tipps. Gonna stick to the Tour Tempo for some time.GreetzC.
Thx! Actually I live near to bern. I went to Yverdon / Chamblon for my Military-Service. I do know the GC Payerne and the GC Vuissens, both of them are nice places. Have a nice day.
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