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Colors of golf specifically Taylormade. any comments.
I'm about the same age and I played golf wen I was younger also. I got a complete set and used them to make sure that I liked golf and so I could build off of that. I also wanted to have some time to decide what clubs I would get. It has worked out great for me and I recommend doing the same!
Driver 230 3 wood 200 3 hybrid 170 4i 160 5i 145 6i 135 7i 125 8i 115 9i 100 pitch 90 A wedge 80 sand wedge 70 lob wedge 60    but to be fair I am a teenager
So I have been looking to replace my R9 with a newer club, i have been to the simulators and i have narrowed it down to the slider and the X hot I really like the X hot but I like the features of the slider. I just wanted to get some input from some people who have them.  BTW if there is any suggestions for a club that would be great. 
I have a slower swing speed and am a high handicap. I just got into all of this golf tec stuff and the hole reason for the pro V and those quality of ball is they compress to high swing speed. If like you said you don't swing fast use a more "hard" ball. I have found much joy in the MOJO balls from Nike  and there not that expensive witch is a great thing. 
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