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I took some practice swings with this feel seemed to keep everything on a better plane and less rotation of my forearm so early but we'll see how it works with a ball in front of me tomorrow
Thank you I'll work on this at the range later
Its been forever since I posted here but I've been working hard on making some changes. I worked with a pro a few hours a week in the spring but I haven't seen him since. I can't seem to get my backswing in correct positions no matter how hard I try. I am so shallow with the shaft halfway back it drives me insane.   This was an 8 iron during yesterdays range session slight draw about 160 yards   Any drills or thoughts to help get that under control? I know there are...
Just ordered my copy can't wait to work it into my game for my next season this fall
I'm no golf pro, so my advice might not be perfect, but theres a few things I would definitely say you can improve on from what I see.   First of all - with a swing like that I have a hard time believing your handicap is a 20 (it definitely looks pretty good)   Now for my advice, you should work on getting your hands deeper in your backswing. A good full turn with your hips will definitely help you get the hands where they need to be. This threads explains that a lot...
I seriously think this is exactly what I need to do. I always try to get out there and start off the round on a birdie. On a lot of courses its not unreasonable to think that, but the course that seems to give me the most trouble with this is my teams home course Bethpage Red. If you know anything about the first hole there you know how hard it is. I guess going pin seeking on a 470 yard par four is just a mistake that I continue to make and set myself up for disaster. 
I haven't tried them out but now that you've pointed this out I will be ordering a pair. I have a few pairs of free runs and they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned.    Hopefully these can live up to the comfortability of their predecessors
 I've definitely tried to do both of these things, the only problem is when I take the club I know I can always turn to and hit it like garbage that definitely makes things worse haha          Quote: I am definitely going to try and take this tip out with me next time, thanks. I think I start to get too many swing thoughts into my head when I'm missing greens and it just ruins that shot.
I've only posted here a few times, but I'm always lurking and trying to pick up any tips I can find   That being said, I play golf for a Division III golf team and I've been working hard on keeping scores low, but it always seems like if I start off a round poorly, I struggle to get myself back in it. A few bogies in a row and its all downhill from there.   I was wondering what you guys do to get yourselves out of a slump like that mid round and turn it all around to...
Theres an app for iPhones named Ubersense. It was free when I downloaded it and its pretty good. You can watch your swing in slow motion or frame by frame. You can also save the videos and keep a note for each one.
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