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lol yes thanks clearing that up, that is exactly what i meant. and by no means do i think jordan is the next tiger
^ obv no1 noes the future, but that really impressive for some1 his age
im not sure where in myrtle u are. but i just got back from my first trip there not too long ago, and id recommend prestwick and king's north. i havent played any of the ones u named
its hard to really no unless you played in both era's. but i tend to agree it seems like there more competition from the 90's on.
i think mostly its an ego thing. people think there a real man when they can smack a ball 300 yards. also people will hit to the 150 marker on a 450 yard hole and assume it was a 300 yard drive, when really they dont take into effect that the hole was a bit of a dog leg and the cut across most of the fairway.. so really it was prob a 270 yard drive
 i have to agree^, that is the absolute worse
driver 230-255 3 wood 215-225 5wood 200-210 hybrid 185-195 4iron 175-185 5iron 165-175 6iron 155-165 7iron  145-155 8iron  135-140 9iron125-130 pw 115- 120 aw 100-110 sw 75-80   this is the standard i play by when im on a course, but i dont use any gps equipment other than stakes on the course
well, all i can say is drivers, fairway woods are kind of a different swing than your iron swing. you need to sweep more especially with woods on the fairway. just practise more with your driver and fairway woods at the range until you get it right(i am in no way a golf expert btw).  when u used the launch monitor were u hitting into a screen? i no this isnt the same thing, but i used a couple simulators this winter and i found it got me in a terrible driving habit. it...
haha, i always wondered the same. i wouldnt b surprised if jimenez sparks up
i think he will for sure. 2013, to me, is proof that tiger still has what it takes to play great golf. assuming his back surgery doesn't some how go terrible wrong, he will for sure. will he beat jacks record, that i don't no but he still can potentially, especially if he breaks that major slump soon.
New Posts  All Forums: