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http://columbia.craigslist.org/spo/4220325667.html anyone know if this set of wilson firesticks are worth the money? Or should i just get a pinemeadow pgx set or a brand new set of wilson x-31 irons from academy.com? The irons are shown on the site but they have a set at my local academy sports for sale
Right now i still have the ping rapture driver with regular flex diamana s63 g35t shaft and i can get 280+ on a good solid drive. But its 12* lofted so i tend to slice it or it draw wen im not looking to hit a draw so i was looking to replace it with a tm r11 driver. But anybody familiar with the pinemeadow pgx set? I wanted to try all clubs except the driver unless i could get a heavier shaft. Also what about wilson irons? My loca academy.com has the wilson x-31...
So which shaft is better and more foregiving? I was thinking of just getting a club head and mounting it to my Diamana shaft that im pretty acustom to. But then again im thinking of going from a regular flex shaft to a stiffer shaft since i have upped my swing speed
Im am not the best golfer around but the bridgestone e6 and taylormade rocketballz stay in the bag. They hit well great feel great flight patterns and can be had for under $30.
Also is there a big difference between the r11 and the r11s? I hit the r11 before at academy spors but have yet to try the r11s
I was on ebay and was looking at the taylormade rbz stage 2 driver and the r11. Is there a big change in distance and adjustability between the clubs? I want a driver where i can be able to change lots as well as adjusting the club to fit my golf swing and golf play
I know the thread is kind of old and maybe dead but i was looking for a new golf set mylf... I was wondering about the wilson profile high launch set, adams tight lies NM plus, callaway strata plus or putting together a pinemeadow pgx golf set. Which clubs sets are better, more reliable, and game improving? Also, whats th downside to aluminum club heads if i was to go with the wilson profile hl set? Right now im just practicing my swing and accuracy with a ping rapture...
New Posts  All Forums: