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There my friend you have it. Enjoy your shaftology..... Point 1
Yes my friend it is, go spend a load on a di6 and be like tiger or a rombax like rory! Go to golfwrx and see for yourself what I'm talking about. It's all shaft this shaft that. Total bollocks if were honest with ourselfs. Believers gonna believe!
to westhabeast waht is the loft on your SLDR and did you have a fitting?
What don't you like about the video by Mark Crossfield? does the truth hurt you ego?   ask ant fitter worth his salt and they WILL TELL YOU shaft flex isn't as important as many believe.   FACT!
If you're driver shaft is 63g you will need a 73g in the fairway.As the shaft is shorter you will need extra weight to keep the same swing weights consistent... 
Club are fine,I was fitted by Golf Principles in Basingstoke in June complete re shaft of irons and woods.Since then I have play some quality golf. Im the same every year when it gets cold and wet.I find the condition really hard to adjust too.  
It's that time of year again when my game goes to s**t......I have real trouble making the transition from firm conditions to wet soggy rough ,wet bunkers and slow greens. I hit so may fat shots and short putts it puts pressure on my driving, to hit it longer and that put pressure on the short game and so on!!! Please can anyone give me a clue to what I need to do, Anyone else suffer the same weaknesses.........
There does seem a lot of haters on Nike Golf products,Just wondering how deep this goes. I now play Nike 20XI-X balls, wear Tour Elite gloves and Lunar Control shoe,equipment I really trust and enjoy....However I'm yet to find a club that I can put in the bag.The Covert Tour came close but no better then my Callaway Extreme Fit.   Wedges and Fairways seem the worst to me.I think the irons are pretty good.
love that reply!    I once saw a question on Golfwrx,people asking what socks others wore on the course.   Really love some of this stuff....
Anyone there........
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