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I cut mine down to 42.5 and never hit it better. I am 5'8 and the have the same arm length as Dustin Johnson who is 6'3 - and someone tells me I should use a 45? GTFO!!
I think many pro instructors have been playing the game from a very young age and never really went through the frustrations many hacks like me went through.   I think those who made so many mistakes through the years and finally figured it out would be able to relate to people going through the same thing and explain better at fixing these things.    If you look at motivational speakers for instance the most successful are those who came from nothing to success because...
This happens to most golfers not just Rory- if you you did a statistical analysis of all golfers you would see the same thing. It just that Rory is now in the spot light after his meteoric rise. You would not have noticed this is if he was say Brad Snedeker.  What really is apparent is that Rory had great run like many golfers have had in short periods i.e Vijay, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Scott  Kenny Perry e.t.c   and is now just like any top 20 golfer. If you look at...
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