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A friend of mine never went anywhere unless he knew he could drink.   We played one afternoon and I was even through 9. We had a beer on the 10th hole and I went on to bogey 10, doubled 11 and 12.   That was 10 years ago and I haven't had a drink during a round since.
So how long will it take to know if this is a good hire/bad hire?When the media start reporting about Kiffin's attitude during spring practice or when Bama beats West Virginia by 80 to start the season? 
So why the "lateral move"? He was tired of having his hands tied by Saban and wanted to go somewhere he could coach his game?
I think if you're in the left lane and someone approaches, you need to move right. As soon as you see them in your rear view mirror. Maybe that's part of the problem, they don't use their mirrors? 
It drives me crazy when people say, "I seen" instead of, "I saw". 
Stanford, Oklahoma, Michigan and Michigan State were all in the top 15 in the rankings when they played ND. USC wasn't ranked but had beaten ND in 9 of their last 10 meetings, usually pretty badly. Oklahoma was number 8 and ND were 9 point underdogs going into that game. The college football "analysts" all had ND in their top 10 for SOS, Alabama wasn't even mentioned. (Yes I remember perfectly well how the NC turned out......................just as I knew it would  )And if...
 I have to agree. All other league playoffs are ho hum compared.  Even the Final Four tournament isn't as exciting IMO. The controversy of the BCS leads to the discussion and arguments that get people going. That and most in the U.S. relate to their schools more. The school you graduated from is a part of you in the U.S. from what I see.  A Buckeye, Seminole and of course The Irish.  Up here people barely mention their university or college when asked their background and...
Oh, I can't stand whiners either, complaining all the time.  There's always something that annoys these people................................ wait, what?   
I'm not sure if it's common in the States but left lane drivers here (at least in Ontario) are maddening.  Just outside the town we live in has a regional road where the old farts get out in the left lane and just sit there.   We also have round-a-bouts in our new sub-division which apparently cause people here to just totally lose all common sense. It's like they just suddenly drove into a foreign country and don't know how to drive. Even if you've never driven in one,...
New Posts  All Forums: