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 He's an idiot for not realising how badly it would blow up in his face.
  It's not like that, we should always help others out. Chamblee has come out the worst from his stupid and childish article. Tiger and his team said they weren't happy but were moving on and the ball was now in the Golf Channel's court. So I see no point for Rory to get involved and say nobody would know who Chamblee was if it wasn't for Tiger and that the situation should be dealt with straight away. It's not that Rory came out and supported Tiger that has irked me, it's...
Rory shouldn't have gotten involved. He has enough to be dealing with.
Tiger might benefit from hiring a mental coach. But really with his high profile I don't think he'd trust anyone not to talk to the media.
Rory doesn't want to be like DJ he wants to be the next Tiger.   He filed legal action against his old management company yesterday.
Oh yeah watch him light up the European Tour over the next couple of months. He'll be a new man!
Haha sorry forgot to add that the Actuary was a shrink in a past life
The actuary who will be Rory's CEO was a Strategist at his old management firm. Think he had alot to do with the Nike deal. Then there was a guy from the old firm who dealt with Rory's day to day affairs at tournaments and the like who will also be joining his new team. So he'll have the best of both worlds, a sports agent and a businessman.
Have read the forum for awhile but first time poster.   Just wanted to add that Rory split from his management company back in May but for legal reasons neither could comment, think that contributed to his poor form. They have now officially parted ways and lawyers are involved in the money side of the split.   Hopefully Rory will be back to his best next year, if not I don't know what's left for him to change!
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