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I haven't seen another ball marked like mine (thanks to Tin Cup).
Hotels aren't great for tea in my experience, you need a proper tea room really, preferably in Yorkshire, but there are some great places in Cornwall too (clotted cream tea ftw).
I'd gladly be Holly's neighbour
Kat Dennings Christina Hendricks Believe it or not I'm a leg man, honest!
I'm English, it's a pretty good cartoon, not hilarious but raised a smile. As much as I love tea (has to be Yorkshire Tea though) it takes a big cup of coffee to get my arse into gear. If I'm tired, tea just doesn't have enough oomph on those days
My money and my spare time
Thanks for the reply. As the PW is a chunky old beast I wouldn't mind buying wedges (generally cheaper to buy multiple wedges), what degree wedges would you recommend? I'm thinking I'll carry 3 wedges.
As per the thread title, I currently have the essentials to enable me to play a par 3 course while I'm starting out (4-PW & a putter) and was wondering what I should add to my bag next. I don't have the cash to buy the required clubs all at once (unless I get around to selling my bikes soon) so I need to fill my bag in instalments. I was thinking of adding wedges, then hybrids (I'll replace the 4 iron), followed by fairway woods and lastly a driver. Any tips or views as...
At the risk of dragging this thread off topic you may want to Google "Worlds most popular sports"
Just as I was starting to get over that too!In all honesty they absolutely tanked us and it wouldn't have been an unfair scoreline if they had put another 2 or 3 past us.Nice to see folks in the US following football (the real football that is)
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