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I just got back from the range and it was a weird day. I was working on what you and mvmac showed me and it was probably the worst day I've ever had when it comes to golf. I was at the end of my rope (2 buckets later) and getting ready to leave when a pro showed up and started hitting balls beside me. Easily the best ball striker I've ever seen. Well, I decided to ask him if he minded if I asked to watch me swing and to possibly give me a tip ( I know it's not the best...
I need to start working on shifting my weight during my back and down swing. It's pretty well non-existent.
That's a great tip. Thanks. Now I know what I'm going to spend my day on!
I'm going to work on turning my shoulders and hips more by A3 today. Plus, I noticed that flaring each foot out slightly helps with bowing my knees which in turn helps me to make that rotation.   I'll try to get another video uploaded to show my progress (or lack thereof!!). Thanks guys.
At a further look, I'm "over-hinging" my wrists during my backswing due to the fact that I'm not turning over my left forearm to start the hinging action. I'm just hinging my wrists then holding it.   Normally I start my back swing then about half way through I turn over my left forearm which initiates the hinging action, helping me to properly set my wrists and in turn, shorten my back swing.
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 Years My current handicap index or average score is: 10 My typical ball flight is: High The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Thin   These are just some videos I took of practice swings in my back yard. I'm currently trying to shorten my backswing.     Videos:  
Thanks amac. The MP 52's are in good shape (according to pics) and they're only going to cost me $100, which is a killer deal. They are more of a player's iron like the JPX 825 pro's and less of a blade, with that Mizuno forged feel that we all crave.
Thanks amac. I fairly positive that I'm going to go with the Mizuno's. I like the fact that the MP 52's offer more forgiveness than my previous MP 68's (even though I struck them well), I just like having that extra boost of confidence knowing that you can mishit a little and still get a quality shot. Mizuno's it is.
Really? Nobody has any feedback? They're both supposedly great clubs and unfortunately I can't test drive them before purchasing so ANY feedback would really help and be appreciated. Cheers.
I recently had my clubs stolen ( the one night I decided to be lazy and leave them in my garage instead of putting them in my basement; no insurance because I left the garage unlocked ) so I'm in the market for new irons. I don't have the funds to buy brand new and the used golf stores in my area have a terrible selection.   I found a set of Cleveland CG7 Black Pearl Tour's and a set of Mizuno MP 52's on-line for a great deal for either or. I'm currently a 10 handicap...
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