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The reason why I started this thread was because it always confused me as to why guys are so caught up on distance over accuracy and distance control. For instance, I have a friend of mine who is a decent player, better than the average hack, that always claims he can hit his PW 160 yards. To me, that's crazy long for a PW. I hit mine 115 to 120 yards, on a pure strike. The problem is that whenever he's 160 yards out, he always pulls out his 7 iron, never his PW, so he's...
It doesn't affect me at all but I'm just curious as to why so many guys tend to lie about the distance that they can hit their clubs with. Sooner or later, they're going to be out golfing with someone that they recently lied to and they will be exposed. I just don't get it. It doesn't make you a better golfer because you can hit it farther than everyone else.   The ones I love the best are guys that claim that they can hit their PW 160 to 180 yards. Seriously? I hit my...
I'm a big Taylormade fan as I have ATV wedges (52* and 60*) so I'm looking forward to trying out these babies.
I used to have that problem and it all boiled down to one thing; I was standing to far from the ball. I'd hit a solid shot and then the very next shot, I would "toe" it. This kept happening and it was extremely frustrating because I knew that I was a much better player than what my results were showing. I found a great video on you tube about distance from the ball at address and now my irons shots are much more consistent. Try looking at your ball position and distance...
That's what Niagara looked like 2 days ago but it is all but gone now. The temperature is at a balmy 9 degrees Celsius and it's supposed to be 15 degrees tomorrow. All for nothing though because it's supposed to drop back down to 3 degrees and we're getting more snow. Wet snow but wet snow is still snow dammit!!!!!!!
This weather makes me want to vomit! Most courses in my region (Niagara, Ontario) were set to open next week and then we got dumped on again last night. The Weather Network called for a trace of snow followed by immediate mild temperatures but that's not the case. About 5 to 10cm and it's below zero again. This winter will not loosen it's grip and I've had enough. All I want to do is hit some balls outside!!   I'm very grateful that we have an indoor range here but it's...
Lol. I guess I didn't set the date and time on my camera. Either that or I completely blanked out for a few months and don't remember a thing.
Powerade or Gatorade. Quit drinking about 2 years ago. Never had a problem with alcohol but the older I got, the worse my hangovers got, to the point where they lasted almost 3 days. Even if I had only 5 or 6 beers, my hangover would be atrocious. It got to the point where it wasn't even worth it to drink at all anymore.
Courses in my region won't be open until April 1st, depending on weather of course. I'm really good at making solid contact now so the next steps are accuracy, distance control and like you said, shots from various lies. My short game is strong but my putting needs a little work too. My game has improved by leaps and bounds but there's still much to learn.
Looks like the same weather here in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We just got 20cm yesterday but today it was 5 degrees Celsius so at least half of it melted. Hey Treebound, is that a Foot Wedge is your Avatar? If it is, that's hilarious. Definitely made my day because I have a ton of friends that use the infamous "Foot Wedge!" Nice one.
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