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Thanks amac. The MP 52's are in good shape (according to pics) and they're only going to cost me $100, which is a killer deal. They are more of a player's iron like the JPX 825 pro's and less of a blade, with that Mizuno forged feel that we all crave.
Thanks amac. I fairly positive that I'm going to go with the Mizuno's. I like the fact that the MP 52's offer more forgiveness than my previous MP 68's (even though I struck them well), I just like having that extra boost of confidence knowing that you can mishit a little and still get a quality shot. Mizuno's it is.
Really? Nobody has any feedback? They're both supposedly great clubs and unfortunately I can't test drive them before purchasing so ANY feedback would really help and be appreciated. Cheers.
I recently had my clubs stolen ( the one night I decided to be lazy and leave them in my garage instead of putting them in my basement; no insurance because I left the garage unlocked ) so I'm in the market for new irons. I don't have the funds to buy brand new and the used golf stores in my area have a terrible selection.   I found a set of Cleveland CG7 Black Pearl Tour's and a set of Mizuno MP 52's on-line for a great deal for either or. I'm currently a 10 handicap...
Sorry guys. I'm ridiculously busy being a Mechanical Engineer so I don't have a lot of time on my hands and when I do write the review, I want it to be a detailed one. I will get to it as soon as I can. Cheers.
Hey OldTom. Thanks for the reply. I'm enjoying them and I'm definitely going to stick with them. I'm getting on great and my hcp is still an 11 but it's my putting that's needs the most improvement, not my ball striking. I haven't been able to go to the range or play any golf for the last week and due to a serious stomach virus that knocked the s**t out of me but I've got most of my strength and energy back and am heading to the range tomorrow to keep practicing. Cheers.
I play them to PW plus I use different gap, sand and lob wedges. Is that what you are asking?
Wow. You're a complete F***ing tool buddy. I work part time at a local driving range on the weekends so that I have access to hitting free balls whenever I please (Mechanical Engineer by day). There's an old "know-it-all" who's there every morning and that's exactly how it went down. I started to hit nice shots with the 68's and he decided to ignore me after that. His name is Moe in case you were interested. I'm not trying to prove or cultivate anything a**hole. I could...
Definitely has to be when my group finds ourselves in the unlucky situation where we are following a group of seniors (late 70's, early 80's, no offense to any seniors on the board as this doesn't to pertain to all of you) who are extremely slow, do NOT let us play through and when one person is looking for their ball in the trees, the whole group decides that they have to join him in his search instead of playing ready golf. That kills me every time and I end up losing my...
Cheers Anjew. The MP 68's are pure class. They are amazing to hit and use on the course plus they are beautiful to look at. I always get the same comments from the "old golfers" at the range, "Why would you waste your money on these when the pro's don't even use them anymore." Then they'll proceed to take my 7 iron out of my bag and try to hit a ball only to shank it or hit it very thin. After they embarrass themselves they'll say, "See, I told you, these irons are...
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