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Sounds great, I'd love to play with both of you again! Pelican hill is really high dollar! I think it is 150$ for twilight... But I've heard it is a really great course. Other courses I want to play are cross creek, red hawk, GC of California and crossings maybe we can work something out for one of those! The first two are in temecula, that should be close to half way for us.
Hey Guys, I'm heading to OC next weekend staying with a friend who also plays golf so we decided to play a round of golf with her and her dad. Now I'm looking for some nice courses in the area that we could play. To make it a bit more difficult: she is on a budget and doesn't want to pay more then $50. We are looking at an afternoon/ twilight round. I am in for something with good scenery and a nice layout. So far she has put tijeras creek up for discussion, I have been...
My vote goes to a pre 12/19/13 Date so I could in for the fun! If not I'd still be happy to play a round with some of u guys. Want to knock some courses of my bucket list while I'm still in the area! Any body up for a twilight at pelican hill ?;) I also want to play cross creek in Temecula, GC of California (in fallbrooks I believe?) and I'd love to play crossings- mike what do you think about playing there some time? Roman
Me on the 180 yard 17th hole of the lakes course (www.schloss-luedersburg.de), one of my homecourses back at home in Germany. Picture was taken early 2012.
Thank You all for a fun round- I had a really good time! Here are some pictures from our group
I have already played some pretty amazing courses:torrey pines north and southCoronadoMission trails( although I didn't get to finish it because of darkness 5$ after 5pm for students)Sail ho ( fun little par 3 course to get the irons and wedges back on track)Going to play silverrock in Palm Springs tomorrow and might get in another round on Sunday( probably one of the military courses as I'm playing with a navy friend)Also on my list are balboa, Chula Vista, sychuan. I'm...
Hallo Nicholas, I'm going to SDSU, but just for one semester so I'm not allowed to play on the team( at least that is what we were told). As I have been fairly busy till this point I have not asked if there is a possibility to at least practice with the team- hope I' ll get that done next week. What school are u at? Are u playing on the team ? Roman
Hi, I'm new to the area and would like to join on the 13th if that's cool for all of you! I haven't got a handicap in America, but beginning of August when I came here my German index was 8.6. Not really playing up to it lately but who cares:) Looking forward to some nice golf Roman
Hi, My name is Roman, and I have just found this forum while looking for some reviews on golf courses in the SoCal area. Turns out there is a lot more going on here and I plan to get involved! I have just moved to San Diego from Hamburg, Germany for a semester at Uni. I've been out a couple of times but still looking for some people to play with on a more regular basis. I'm playing of a 8.6 handicap and looking to play a fair amount of different courses in the greater San...
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